Week 8

It wasn’t hard to decide who we want to donate to because we had many people not reply to our calls or emails. Riveredge was the only one who answered and then kept in touch with us. They also were the only one willing to come to the panel discussion. We decided that we wanted to give our money to Riveredge. Our group all agrees on where we sat to put the money. We all think Riveredge is the best organization to give to. Because we all agree on this it makes decision making pretty easy. Next week I expect to be fun. I’m looking forward to see the ogrnanations our groups are donating to. I think it’ll be great to see the place we are donating to and being able to check it out.

week 7

I am learning how hard fundraising is if you don’t have everyones help. It’s really hard to do stuff when you’re expecting someone to help and they don’t. We are pretty sure where we are gonna donate our money. We want to donate to Riveredge nature center, we had them come in for the panel discussion and loved what they had to say
I interviewed Trevor he didn’t really know how to answer many go the questions but he said that a experience that changed his life was when I came into his life. If he could give advice about money to younger people it would be save your money and invest. Don’t buy things you don’t need. He didn’t have much to say other than that.

Week 6 Blog

During the panel discussion we had many different organizations come. My group invited Natale from River Edge Nature center. She was very knowledgeable on the organization and I loved what she had to share. River Edge is currently looking into preserving more nature than what they already have. I think that’s a great thing to do. I also really enjoyed Becca who came from the Boys and Girls Club. I wasn’t exactly sure what they were but now I have a better understanding. Those where the two people I really had an interest in.

Our fundraising hasn’t really done much because we are selling cupcakes next week so we have to start preparing for that. I will be making chocolate cupcakes.

Week 5 blog

I think that the taxes are really good way to evaluate the company but in my opinion how much there vision means to me is what makes it a higher value. If I don’t really have an opinion n the cause then I don’t really care the taxes score. I think it depends if it’s easy or difficult to evaluate depending on if they have a 990 or not because if they don’t you have to contact them and ask them for a tax form.

Week 4 Blog

I learned that my organization is pretty creditable by looking at the 990. It was very beneficial to look at the taxes before deciding to donate to them because they not be creditable. You want to make sure it’s not a scam and your money is going to a good cause. By looking at the 990 or a tax form you can find this all out.

Week 3

My group and I are cleaning up the environment. Purpose is to have a cleaner planet, our mission is to donate to a nonprofit organization that helps clean the environment, and our vision is a cleaner world. I’m hoping we can find a really good organization to donate too. We plan to either make dirt cups or cupcakes, we also want to sell things during earth week. My group and I had some good discussions today and we may also make a go fund me account and the money will directly go to the organization.

Week 2

I didn’t learn much from the brown paper bag activity because I was with my sister and someone else who shared about her car, phone, and a keychain. I guess if I had to say I learned something it would be that Delainie really likes one of her keychains thats sparkly and a elephant. My teammates and I decided to raise money for environmental protection. Our team is called go green and we are excited to raise money to help preserve the environment of Wisconsin.

Week 1 Blog

I picked environmental protection, animal care, and social justice and civil rights. It was pretty easy for me because I feel very strong about these topics. When I was told that we had to pick causes I already knew I’d pick environmental protection and animal care. I feel strongest about environmental protection for many reasons. Humans as a whole are destroying the planet and I want to help make it better. There currently is a part in the ocean that is 5 miles wide and 2 miles long filled with plastic. I want to help clean that out by donating or trying to persuade people to using less plastic. I picked the animal care because there many animals starving and homeless. I believe all animals deserve to be happy and have a home. I want to change the animals lives for the better. I picked social justice and civil rights because I look at myself as a feminist. However I do not think that females are superior. I just believe we deserve the same treatment as men. In the U.S. females are still making less money when doing the same job as males. I’d like to help with women’s rights and make life equal between men and women. Now you know why I picked those 3 topics and what I’d like to do I’ll tell you what I did or didn’t learn. I didn’t really learn anything about myself because I know my point of view and where I stand with these topics. I partnered up with my sister and she picked the same as me. I learned nothing new because we both have similar interests and I know everything about my sister.