Week 7

We haven’t choose our organization completely yet but we do have some good ideas. It is hard for us to pick right now because we don’t have any money because we haven’t fundraiser yet. I think I fundraiser will go really well because it has been done before and was a hit, but we are putting kind of a twist on it. I think it has been pretty easy so far, we haven;t had any arguments. I am very excited to sell and hope it goes good.

week 6

So far my experience with Main street is so fun. It is very eye opening to see the different organizations and reasons for raising/donating money. Our group has just decided to sell root-beer float in a few weeks. We have a few organisations in mind, but still have choices to make. From my interview I had my sister fill it out and I choose my sister because she is still young but I wanted to see her view on the program idea. Some of the questions were hard to answer for her but I thought it was cool for someone of a different age to answer. I am excited to see the final decisions and complete the program.

Week 6

I had a really good time at the panel discussion. I learned a lot about what different organization do and I was very inspired. I was thinking a lot about the “Mahalas Hope” organization and really am considering volunteering soon or going to try to raise enough money to donate to the too. For our fundraiser we don’t really have e plan yet. We have our duct tape idea but don’t know how that would go over so we might try something else.

Week 5

This week I have learned how to contact a business appropriately and professionally. I think the most efficient is by phone and through voice to voice contact. It was easy to find the “Solutions Center.” 990 Form and I am very excited to donate to them. I think we are oping the basketball tourney but it may be difficult.

week 4

This week I found the 990 Form for “The Solutions Center.” It scored a 11 so I think that is pretty good. It is important to look up the numbers and such for your organization because that way you can make sue it is a secure, trust worthy charity. I am hoping to use this charity because we spoke with her on the phone and she seemed very sweet and passionate about what she does. Everything looks reliable and I think it will all work out.

week 3

My experience in creating the Purpose, Vision, and Mission Statements was great. I think for our group it really opened put our eyes to what we want to donate to and how we can make a change. When I reached out to “Solutions Center” I spoke with the Executive Director and I was very happy with what I heard. There were no problems and it went well!

week 2

I was sick the day of the activity so I couldn’t participate. I would’ve put my phone, top represent social media and the world today. Also a notebook because I like journalist and writing, and a banana or something easy because I like food and we are working with hunger. I learned a lot of my classmates are like me during this activity. Our team fundraiser is going to be selling something. A idea that came up is dirt cups. I talked to my grandparents about the program and they are very happy that young kids are helping out good causes. My mom was interested in the idea ad said she would definitely buy from us. I told my brother and he wasn’t too sure on he idea, mostly because he’s a teenage boy and doesn’t really care, but he said he would buy stuff. We are going to sell throughout the school. We have thought about supporting the St. Matt’s Food Pantry or a local business. Another idea was this new Homeless Shelter in West Bend we might consider. I am very excited to do this!


When I was given the “MAD” Cards I choose Hunger, Child and Youth Services, and Animal Care. I knew right away I wanted to pick something with children because I love being around kids and have always been interested in the adoption process and helping kids in orphanages find good families. Hunger and Animal Care are other topics I feel strongly about and want to make a difference in. I learned about myself that I felt bad not choosing other topics because I felt as if I was leaving them out or not caring about them. I learned my partner was very interested in the Arts and helping disabled children. I am hoping to gain leadership skills through this program. I also think I will learn more things about me and my ability to make a difference. I think my kind heart will really take over during this process and I will be determined to make a difference.