Week 7 Blog

#1 I think main street philanthropy was easy. I liked the fact that we looked for charities and are donating money to them. I learned that donating for charities is fun and is a good thing to do.
#2 The fundraising for my group is done. We sold cupcakes and made just about $150 dollars. We have decided to give our money to Riveredge Nature Center.
#3 My interview: I interviewed my dad. My dad thought that the Mainstreet Philanthropy was a good thing to do. He also had some strong feelings about children these days and whether people should get involved in donating and supporting charities or organizations. He is happy that I got the chance to be apart of this group.

Week 8 Blog

A. My team decided on giving to Riveredge Nature Center. We decided on this organization by looking at how reliable they were and we all wanted to give to the environment.
B. I didn’t like working in a group environment. I found it difficult because my group members were not very inclusive and didn’t like me as there partner. I am handling it by just forgetting it and moving on.
C. I expect the next few weeks to be fun. I am excited for the field trips and I cant wait to give the check to our chosen Organization. I think I will feel good about it.

Week 5

A. You can evaluate them by looking at there taxes or you can ask them by phone. I think both methods work but the taxes is more reliable.
B. I am finding that it can be difficult to evaluate them by phone. And looking at the tax forms is pretty easy. The taxes will not lye but the people might.

Week 4

I learned that charity, Clean Wisconsisn, is a charity that takes money in and puts it tward cleaning areas of wisconsins enviroment that needs help. It is inportant to look at the 990 forms because it tells you if the charity is finacially stable and what they are doing with their money is good.

Blog # 3

While making my purpose, vision and mission statements I learned that the people in my class also have some of the same visions and purposes as me. Mine are that I want to give to the environment and help clean it up.
I think when reaching out to charities that they will be happy we want to donate. I hope they are friendly and helpful with what we ask.

Main Street Week 2

A. I didn’t learn much from the brown paper bag activity. I learned that both my group members and myself both have things that are important to us and have meaning.

B.  We are still deciding on what and when our fundraiser will be, but we are thinking of doing dirt cups or maybe doing some cupcakes.

C. I told my family about Main Street Philanthropy and they didn’t know what it was. I explained it to them and after they found out what it was they said that it was cool and a good experience for me to be in.

First Week Main Street Philanthropy

Today for the first week of Main street Philanthropy we got to use the MAD cards. While doing the MAD cards we got to pick 6 of the cards that we thought related to us. Then once we had our 6 then we had to narrow it down to three cards that related to us. The three cards that I choose were: Family services, environmental protection and religion and culture. I choose them because, a lot of families go through a rough time and need help. Religion is a big part of my life and I believe the environment is one of the greatest  gifts that we have and we need to protect it.

My partner chose, Family services, child services and the veterans one. She felt that those were important to her.  In the Mainstreet Philanthropy class, I hope that I get the opportunity to help some people in these three categories that I chose.