week 8

A.)We felt that donating to the soultions center is the best descision. We belived in their cause and thought that helping them was a good choice. The soutions center showed us that they care alot about wheat they do and we were fond of that.
b+c.)I like working in a group enviroment. However, I found that some people are not as motivated then others and that is frusterateing. We are excited to sell rootbeer floats in the coming wee. We hope to raise lots of money to help preople in need

week 7

A.)I feel that i have learned a lot about charity and what all goes into making it successful. growing up going to church community service was really big to them so we did it a lot. However, i never really payed much attention to what they all did i just helped. It has been proven difficult though because their are so many great ideas and charity’s out their we have a hard time choosing.
b.) My group is ready we choose are charity and are about to fundraiser in the next week or two.

MY Interview-
I learned that a lot of people are almost afraid to approach thing like they once did. The world has changed in so many ways. People are attached to their phone and live in fear that something might happen to them. People did to learn to just stop and realize the beauty all around them and stop worrying about what others think. They also need to put other above themselves.

Week 6

A.) I did not realize that their are so many different charity out there. I was surprised by the fact that there is a rehabilitation home in Eden. I have been so close to that for so long and didn’t even realize it.I really benefited from the boys and girls club cause i am looking into working for them in the summer.

B.)I realized that you have to have a strong fundraising idea other wise it will not flow nicely. However, this project is benefiting me in many ways when it comes to working wit people.

Week 5

A.)I found that you want people to spend very little on their employees. You also want people have very little experiences to their charity. I feel there is value to looking at their expenses other wise they could be coning you into donating.
B.)It is surprisingly very easy to evaluate charity’s expensiveness. Being able to Know that certain charities deserve more then others just by their 990 forms is awesome.

Week 5

A.) I learned that you want people to have low scores and spend less on management and other expediencies,I feel that their are many value in looked at the number. Know the facts behind the company and what you money is going to do.

B.)I feel that it is very easy to evaluate non-profit organizations and very easy to see.

Week 4

A.)I learned that they help more people then I thought. They have developed programs to help people get back on their feet. If it is a family that needs help they, give them a more laid back program so they can work through it as a family. If it is an individual they are able to help them get a job and get counseling.

B.)You want to be able to see where their money goes. If they spend a lot, how long they can last, and how much is brought in. If you do not know this you could possibly be giving money to a phony charity.

Week 3

Topic A- When creating out purpose,vision and mission statement, it made me realize a lot more about myself.I found out that my need to help people is more profound then i once thought. They’re are people out there who are looking for the help that we will be giving to them. To me the fact that i am helping someone get their life back on track is the greatest feeling one can have.

Topic B-I expect that the people will be a little brought back by the fact that highchoolers are calling asking if it is possible to donate to there charity. Not many kids just call up an organization asking if they can raise money for their cause. To them however, i feel that it is more important to them to here the good intentions that kids have.

Week 2

With the paper bag activity I learned that everybody seems to really love there family and the activities they do outside of school. my team will like to donate money to the homeless, To do this we will be selling food around the school. We hope to donate three hundred dollars. With the money we will gift it to Washington county cares. There the help family back on there feet by getting them a job and housing for them and there family.

Whats your passion(week 1)

When I participated in the MAD(Make A Difference) activity,I found it very difficult to just choose 6 categories to help. However, I found that the ones I did pick I tended to relate more with. The ones I choose was were hunger,environmental protection,and emergency and disaster relief. All of these I seemed to either have a childhood memory with or I had a real soft spot for those who are in need with the help of others in those certain situations. My partner also picked things that she related with or felt there was more she could do to help them.She picked mental and physical disabilities, animal care, and emergency and disaster relief. I feel that these 3 group fit her perfectly she relates to each in everyone just like how i relate to mine. Throughout the Main Street Philanthropy program I hope to find ways that I can help people more than what I already do. I find that we need more people in this world who are more willing to assist those who need help. In theĀ  program i hope that I will learn all the different ways I can help those in need.