Week 8

I think working in my group has shown me that I have to be vocal and act like a team mate. We had our own ideas on what we wanted to do for the fundraiser and came down to one fundraiser. We talked to some charities and we really want to fundraise for Pets for Vets. They have a great program. The one guy we talked to made us want to fundraise for them. He was nice and happy to talk to us about their program. The field trip to the charity would be more of an experience for us and I am happy to go to their charity.

Week 7

So far for our fundraiser, we are getting ready for our week to do it. It has been a great experience and has shown me how to be a great teammate and to take on the responsibility of it. We are getting our final decision for the fundraiser. We have a good idea on who we are giving the money to and who is doing what for the fundraiser. We had to interview a person about main street philosophy. I interviewed my mom and it went well. She said how doing charitable giving and community service makes you a well rounded person. One thing that stood out is that doing charitable giving and community service makes you not a selfish person, looks good for other people, and makes your kids do the same.

Week 6

We had a panel discussion on Wednesday. I learned about the different charities the speakers were with, what they are, and what they are trying to do for their charity. I was surprised how some of the speakers said they entered in the charity. After hearing what they said, it made me appreciate my life and how some adults and kids have it rougher than me. Our group was interested in giving one of the groups some money, beside the one that we contacted, for their veteran project. For our fundraiser, we had got it approved by our principal and getting the finishing touches on the fundraiser. Our current fundraiser plan is a “teacher in jail.” That is were the student, in their first block class, raise money and whoever raises the most in the middle and high school, gets a free day in first block.

Week 5

We were calling more charities I called one and I talked to the person, but they rudely hung up on me. We found a charity to donate. We got a hold of them and found out more about what they do. We agreed to fundraise for them. We are getting our fundraiser all set up and now we are going to get permission from our principal.

Week 4

We have been looking into our charities and finding out how they are. We have tried to contact some. We are hoping to get in contact with one of the charities.

Week 3

For week 3, our group came up with charities we wanted to donate to. Some of the charities we are thinking about donating are Red Cross, Wounded Warriors, Warrior House, and Milwaukee House for Veterans. Our group’s purpose is to help the veterans. We hope to donate enough money for the veterans and make a difference in their lives.

Week 2

The bag activity was interesting because my teammates, Elly and Trista, had some cool things and I learned more about them. Our team, the American Go-Getters, are doing a fundraiser for veterans. We want to raise money for them. We hope to make it to our goal and help out as much as we can for our veterans.

Week 1

The make a difference cards really made me think about what I cared about. I learned that it was hard of me to pick, because I want to help everyone. I chose cards that dealt with people. I like helping people and that’s why I picked those cards. I learned that my partner had different picks than I did and cares about different topics. What I hope to gain from this class is how to be a good leader and know how to run a fundraiser.