Week 7

Main Street Philanthropy was a very good experience. I learned a lot of new things about different organizations, and more about how helping others can make me feel.Helping people makes me feel very good about myself, and also can make other people very happy and thankful. I believe our group is almost ready for final questions. We will be selling in these next couple weeks for our fundraising. The interview that I did was on my mom. I learned more about what is was like when she was growing up financially, and other things. In the end I am very happy that we did this Main Street PHilanthropy program here at school. I think that it helped alot of people learn more and become better people.

Week 6

This week we held a panel discussion for non profit charities to come in. Six different organizations came in to talk and explain what they do. They were all very different and very interesting. I thought that hearing what they do and why they do it was very cool. One of my favorite people that came in was from Mahala’s Hope. The discussion was very beneficial.

Week 5

We called the solution center and they are coming in to our panel discussion. We also called Boys and Girls club. We chose these because they are charities that had to do with helping kids and familes.

week 4

I was sick this week that we met. I was filled in by my group members that we have decided on the solution center. They have called them and talked to a person from there. We have also talked more about fundraising and we have came up with duct taping a teacher to a chair. Another idea we also had was doing a three on three basketball tournament for the middle school.

week 3

This week we created our purpose and it was to help families getting back on their feet. When reaching out to organizations we are hoping to encounter kind people willing to give us information. We are starting to contact different organizations and see if they are interested.

Week 1

Today we used MAD cards to figure out what type of charities we think are important. I discovered what I found was very important and needed help. I picked hunger, people with physical and mental disabilities, and child and youth services. I also got to see what others opinions were. Some of their thoughts were animal care, hunger, and social and civil rights. I hope to gain more knowledge about different types of charities. I also would like to learn more about myself, and maybe what I would like to do with my future.