Week 7

A.) I have learned a lot about myself and others. Somethings are easier to do than other things. Picking what fundraiser we wanted to do was probably the hardest.
B.) I believe my group and I are ready to make our final decision on what we’d like to do with the money.
2.) I interviewed a friend and I knew that she enjoyed giving back to others and one thing that she thought was different from when she was younger is how much people are on cell phones now then they ever where. Everything used to be about family and now everyone’s glued to their phones.

Week 8

A.) We want to either give to Mahala’s Hope or the solution center in Fond Du Lac. We want to help stop hunger and to get the people off the street.
B.) My experience has been great, getting to know how everything affects others. It’s pretty easy, other than figuring out how to fundraiser. We all pretty much are in agreement.
C.) For the field trip it should be fun to see how everything is run at the organization. For the graduation giving a speech and seeing what each of the other groups did to give to their organization.

Week 6

I learned that there are a lot of different opportunities to help others out there. The most interesting panel discussion was Mahala’s Hope because they help woman recovering from substance use and other things. My group is kind of basing our organizations off of people helping others in the time of need.
From my fundraising experience it’s difficult to choose just one organization and how difficult it is to set up a fundraiser.

Week 5

I’m learning different ways to figure out what they do with the money people donate to them. I learned how long they could go without having money come into them. I don’t see more than one value over the other. I find it easy to evaluate non-profit organizations.

Week 4

I learned that my organization helps homeless of all different ages find homes. The organization helps people that are homeless, have been abused, etc. It’s important to look at the numbers so you know what the organization is doing with their money. My organization gives a lot back to the people they are helping.

Week 3

While creating our purpose, vision, and mission statements we chose a MAD card that we all thought was important. Our MAD card was hunger. Hunger helped us to figure out our team purpose, To serve our community by improving the lives of the less fortunate. These are important so that we better understand why we are helping others in the community. I believe that the organizations will be grateful for the surrounding communities giving back to them and helping them better others lives.

Week 1

Trying to choose just six MAD cards was difficult for me. All of the cards had a special meaning to me. It wasn’t as hard to choose three from the six I had chosen. I enjoy helping other people out when they need help. The three I chose I either had helped with already or had a connection too. I have helped to fight hunger before. I learned that I try and help people in all different age ranges and different abilities. I learned that my partner Izzy had some of the same choices as me.  A lot of my peers were in the same situation as me, we can all relate.

I hope to gain knowledge on the proper ways to help others out in the time of need. I hope to understand how to multitask. To understand how to manage my time, show an effort in achieving different goals.