Week 8

We determined that Pets for Vets was the best for our group because it helps veterans, which is our main goal, but it also helps animals in shelters be adopted. We all love animals and if one organization helps both animals and veterans, we will help them. Plus, they have been very cooperative with our group. Working with my group has taught me that sometimes you have to step up and tell people to also do their share. We do have a really nice group, everyone gets along nice and we agree on a lot of things and for what we don’t agree on, we talk about it till we all can agree on it. Our group is ready to get our fundraiser over with next week and are looking forward to graduation day.

Week 7

This week we had to interview someone and I interviewed my friend Dalissia. I learned that she really values animals and their rights. Her advice for young people is go to work and don’t call in all the time, you need to make money and by calling in your not going to do that. Our group is going to fundraise in 2 weeks and we have decided to do a teacher in jail. We also decided to help Pets for Vets start their new chapter in Milwaukee,WI. Our group is ready to get the fundraising over with and make our final decisions on our charity.

Week 6

This week in philanthropy we had our first panel discussion. I thought it was very beneficial to hear from local charities and hear what there all about and why we should consider donating to them. There was one thing that they all had in common and that is they are all very passionate about what they do and any of them could really use the donations. One thing I found out was that the Free Spirit Riders is opening a veterans program and as a group my group decided to maybe donate to them also as our theme is to help veterans. Our fundraiser is ready to go and we are just waiting for the week to come so we can start raising money!

Week 5

We had just done week five which means we are half through being done! This week we learned about what each category means in a tax form and we also tried calling a few different business and one responded so yay!!!!!! We are leaning towards this charity that responded and we are starting to finalize the details for our fundraiser. The next step for our fundraiser is getting permission from our principle and then we can start fundraising.

Week 4

In week four we called business and unfortunately ours didn’t respond. So we tried calling back the next morning and still no response, so we are starting to look at other businesses. Which is sad because this business we were looking at was local and really close to Campbellsport. Each person in our group had a different charity and we each had to find out their tax records and see if they are financially good. This was also nice because we could see where exactly their money goes.

Week 3

During week 3 of Mainstreet Philanthropy we had to choose as many charities as in our group so my group has 4 people so we had to research four different charities. We then came up with a fundraiser idea and started to put the details together. Some different charities we are thinking of is the Wounded Warriors, Red Cross, Warrior House, and a place in Milwaukee. We are thinking of doing the Warrior House because its close to our school so they could come in or we could go visit them. Plus at the end of class which is in May we have a graduation and they could come get the donation themselves! Which I think will be really cool to do.

Week 2

This week during child development we got our groups for fundraising. We also did a paper bag activity where each person in our group had to bring three things that represent them or their life, then we all shared and explained our items. Our groups were chosen by which MAD cards where our number one. So my number one MAD card was helping veterans so there are three other people who had the same card, so they are in my group. We then began to work in our groups to figure out what charity we wanted and how we wanted to raise money. We also had to set a goal for how much we wanted to earn.

Week 1

Today at Campbellsport High School in our Child development class we started week 1 of the Main Street Philanthropy program. Today we learned what their purpose is and we looked at different charity groups. We had to get in groups of two and pick three MAD(make a difference) cards. I chose animal care, veterans and service personnel, and children and youth services. I chose animal care because I love animals and I think it’s unfair that they are being treated this way, but unlike humans they can’t talk about it. I chose the veterans and service personnel because they gave their life for mine/ others, the least we could do is help them in return. Finally, I chose children and youth services because it is sad that these kids are being put in foster care because the mom doesn’t want them or can’t afford them. It’s not the child’s fault their mom got pregnant, either way they still need the love and nurturing side of people. I learned my partner really cares about people with disabilities. I hope to make someone’s life not only easier but better through this program.