Week 8

How did your team decide on which organizations are best for your investment? We decided to donate to the solution center and/or Mahala’s Hope. We have not determined where the money will go yet. My experience was getting to know each other and what it is like to work as a group to reach our goal to make a lot of money for a charity. I expect everything to go well and be able to donate money for a charity.

Week 7

We have not done a giving experience yet. So we don’t know if it’s hard or easy. Our is not ready to make the final decision yet. I’ve learned that the person that I interviewed is open minded and caring.

Week 6

I learned that they all are trying to make the same goal is to earn a lot of money. What surprised me about their responses, is that there is a residential facility for recovering women because I never knew that they had a facility for that. I will do something different in my own career after listening to them. From my fundraising experience that it’s not that difficult to figure out.

Week 5

Thinking of ways to evaluate an investment in a company is to find ways donate your money. I do not see value to one method over another. I find it kinda hard to evaluate nonprofit organizations for a protential investment in the cause.

Week 4

What did I learn about my cause/organization, I learned that they’re are many of them. It’s important to look at that the numbers before making an investment because they may not have a lot of money and you need to have one that has more money. What I learned about about my organization when I looked at the tax return is that they make a lot of money.

Week 3

We are now looking up more charities to donate to and narrowing it down to at least 1-2 charities and calling them to see if they are interested in what we’re doing and to see if they are willing listen to us

Week 2

I learned that I love lasagna. I also learned that most of them love sports. Our name is going to be Helping Hands. We are not sure on when it will be. I didn’t tell anyone yet.

Week one

My experience using the MAD cards was it was easy pick the cards but hard at the same time.I chose animal care because I love animals and hate seeing them suffer.Week one Kaitlyn picked children services because she hates seeing kids suffer. I hope to gain more information about Main Street Philanthropy.