Week 8

A. How did your team decide on which organizations are best for your investment? How did you determine the amounts to allocate? Our team decided that we were going to split in three ways for the three members. We don’t really know how much is going to each charity but we made 295 dollars and I heard that Joanne is giving us some money so we’ll have to add that it.

B. What has your experience been in working in a group environment? Are you finding it easy? Difficult? Is your ground in agreement on decisions being made? How are you handling disagreement? Honestly when I first started I was scared of my group because of my crippling anxiety. But eventually I liked my members and I couldn’t ask for better ones! It has been so smooth with my group! And I like it because I don’t have to make such huge decisions, we make them together as a team. We don’t really have disagreement?

C. What do you expect for next week? Honestly I think it’s going to be fun seeing all the different charities.

Week Seven

A. What are you learning about your overall giving experience? Has it been easy? Difficult? Honestly it has been kinda easy because it’s understanding that other people need stuff and just like you and I we need stuff. Even if it’s the simplest thing it still is important. I feel like I have learned a lot from this experience.

B. Is your group ready to make a final decision? Yes! We already made our decision for our money, and what charity we are donating to. We each are donating to our own charity and I chose the music one because I love music and they totally need it.

The interview
So I interviewed my mother and I learned that she was involved in a ton of marches that were very good, others not so much but she showed her opinion and I guess that’s what matters? She had a petition signed for a pedophile because she believed that he deserved more time. Overall it was a nice thing.

Week 6

I learned from the panel about what they were doing and what they use the money for. I understood that it takes a ton of money and they need donations because they cannot make that much money themselves. I kinda felt bad for the historic society and the orchestra people. But I totally want to donate to the orchestra because I love music and Carrie was so nice. I understand that other charities need help but I feel like no one else will really want to donate to them because they aren’t really helping people/animals in distress. But they do go the West Bend school district and help out kids who want to play music. I am learning that there are tons of charities and they need donations to help others. I learned that the boys and girls club has four places in Washington county. And that Free Spirit Riders is helping vets this summer.

I am pretty sure that Izzy is donating to Shining Stars and I want to donate to the symphony because I really enjoy music. I enjoy that they play with a low budget and still volunteer their time to do something they love.

So we sold all this week except for today and we made roughly around 200 dollars maybe even more because I went to the bathroom when they were counting the money at the end of the day. I totally trust my team and what money we raised. I hope that we can do this again because they sold out every single day.

Week 5

What does it mean by investing? Like volunteer time? So you could help out the charity and donate money? SO what you’re investing is your time? I guess that money is better because it can be stretched out more than one day of volunteer time. But I guess you can always come back an volunteer more.

Honestly it’s hard because no one gets back to you so then you’re stuck looking at the forms but no one is interested in wanting your money? I’m supposed to get invested in them but no one wants to stick some time into me? Well those people at Best Buddies won’t be getting any money from our group. RIP.

Week 4

I learned that Best Buddies is about helping people with disabilities in having a friend. I tried calling them and emailing them but I never got any contact back, so that’s okay.

I guess it was important to look at the numbers because to see if they are credible or something and to see where the money goes that they use. I learned that there are too many pages in the tax form and I feel sorry for whomever has to fill those out. Like there was like 200 something pages or some odd reason? I don’t know but it sounds confusing.

Week 3

I feel like the statements were very important to try to get your ball rolling into thinking about fundraising. You get to think about what you want your mission to be and finally get it together with your team. I reached out to Best Buddies through via email because my phone was shut off but I’ll contact them once it is turned on. I hope they will respond and if they don’t soon I’ll make sure to call them.

Maybe I’ll be team leader this week? I highly doubt it because I literally have no idea what’s going on. But I am catching a grasp of what’s happening, I just am overwhelmed.

Best Buddies continues to see a steady increase in program participation, with a 6.5% increase in participation from 2014 to 2015, accounting for +300 students.
Opened three new school chapters this year, bringing us up to 46 total chapters in Wisconsin.

Sorry Week 2 is late

I didn’t really learn about anything about myself because I know that I like Captain America and my trumpet, and I already like my significant other. I feel like I learned about my team because I don’t really know who anyone is. I learned that Izzy is in dance and likes dance. I also learned that Hanna likes food and doesn’t watch movies. I wasn’t really included in my thoughts and I didn’t fit in the group. Honestly I don’t really mind because we’re still going to help people in the end. We kinda want our fundraiser to be dirt cups? I couldn’t really hear them because they mumble so badly. I don’t know what else we are doing but that’s okay. I am really tired and I just want to lay down and sleep.

Well I told Ryan about Main Street and he thought it was okay, he didn’t seem all that excited about it but he’s not excited about anything. He just went, “Oh cool.” and changed the topic. I told my parents and my little brother and they didn’t really care either, I guess my support system isn’t that great.
We kinda wanted the Shooting Stars dance thing but this is all brand new and stuff. We wanted the horse one but like everyone wants that one so we need to think outside of the box. We want to look into best buddy and that’s my job to call them.

Week One!

I felt like the MAD cards were not that hard for me because I just chose what my collage major would be, which is art therapy. Yeah they were all good causes but someone else always fills the other positions and there is no use in feeling guilty in not being able to do everything. My partner had a hard time trying to choose her cards and it took her awhile. I feel like most people who did the activity had a really hard time choosing who gets left behind.

I hope to gain knowledge of other organizations that need help that are not recognized as much. Maybe I’ll become a better person, but who knows?