Week 3

Topic A- When creating out purpose,vision and mission statement, it made me realize a lot more about myself.I found out that my need to help people is more profound then i once thought. They’re are people out there who are looking for the help that we will be giving to them. To me the fact that i am helping someone get their life back on track is the greatest feeling one can have.

Topic B-I expect that the people will be a little brought back by the fact that highchoolers are calling asking if it is possible to donate to there charity. Not many kids just call up an organization asking if they can raise money for their cause. To them however, i feel that it is more important to them to here the good intentions that kids have.

week 3

Creating our purpose, vision, and mission statements was a alot of fun. We all threw in all the ideas we had. Some good and some bad. These things are important so we know what our group wants to accomplish and how. We can all work together to accomplish these goals. I expect to come across really nice and generous people when we call the charity we want to help. I believe people who are part of a charity are happy when people show interest in what they do. They are more than happy to explain and talk about what they do.

What’s your passion?

My experience with creating our purpose, vision, and mission statements was pretty good. We didn’t have everything for our fundraisers picked out and everything but we are working on it. These are important because they help us come up with the whole reason we are doing this in class. Our group decided to sell puppy chow and that we would all buy the ingredients. We don’t have a set date yet though. This week we tried reaching out to an organization we are interested in which was Pine View. We tried calling as a group but they didn’t answer and we didn’t have time to leave a voicemail. So the encounter with this organization was not so easy but we are pretty set on this organization.

Week 3

I feel like creating our vision statements and other statements was very good for us to focus on our fundraiser and make the important decisions about what organization we will donate to. Also, the statements help us make the decision of how we want to raise the money for our organization. This whole experience really made us work together and work as a group to make the decisions. With our phone calls to the different organizations I hope we are able to find out more about all of them. Also, I hope we can narrow our choices to a couple that we really would like to work with and donate to.

week three

(a)our purpose and vision is to help the veterans and to thank them for serving. our mission is to work on our fundraiser project the next few weeks and contact charities for more information.it is important to have these because our group will learn a lot about veterans and we will know our next steps for our goal.

(B)some charities might talk with you about there business. they might also ask you questions about main street philanthropy.

Week 3

A. These three things are important because by thinking of them we can make important steps in achieving our goal.
B. If they answer by reaching out to these organizations I hope to learn more about them than I already know.

Week 2

In my groups I didn’t learn a lot about them. I learned that Izzy has an obsession with candles. For our fundraiser our group plans on selling some type of food throughout the school day. We are thinking of Italian Soda or caramel brownies.The three people I told about Main Street Philanthropy were my mom, my aunt and my grandma. The response I got from those three were all relatively the same. They all thought that selling the Italian Soda or brownies were a good idea. For our organization we are thinking of doing the Shining stars dance team.

week 4

1.) Our organization is a bunch of local veterans who need a little help with when they come home from the military. We wanted to help those local to us with as much money as we can raise. This organization is non-profit and helps veterans with needed help like financial, emotional, and professional resources to service members, veterans, and their families in the Fond du Lac, Sheboygan, and Dodge County areas. All donations stay local and go directly toward local military families and the organizations that serve them. 2.) It’s important to look at numbers because you don’t want to be helping an organization that can’t be trusted. I learned that many organizations have very good tax returns to get more people to help them.

Week 3

1.) I have helped a lot of people in the past, from going on mission trips with my church and volunteering for the community. I have many family members who are veterans and still in the military today. Raising money doesn’t do the justice of what they have done for us but, giving back something means a lot to me. My vision is wanting to raise money for veterans who are struggling today. It’s important because veterans have done so much for us in the past and still today. 2.) I hope that the organizations see what we are trying to do and want let us raise some money for those who have done so much for us.My group is hoping that we could do a teacher in jail event and have kids raise money and know that they are doing something good for our community.

week 4

A. We exchanged emails so we can learn more about the foundation

B.Looking at the numbers of our charity is very important because we need to insure that we choose a truthful organization that does what they imply they do.