Week 8

We determined that Pets for Vets was the best for our group because it helps veterans, which is our main goal, but it also helps animals in shelters be adopted. We all love animals and if one organization helps both animals and veterans, we will help them. Plus, they have been very cooperative with our group. Working with my group has taught me that sometimes you have to step up and tell people to also do their share. We do have a really nice group, everyone gets along nice and we agree on a lot of things and for what we don’t agree on, we talk about it till we all can agree on it. Our group is ready to get our fundraiser over with next week and are looking forward to graduation day.

KS week 8

My grouo decide to go with make a wish because we have been looking into them the whole time. They provided us with videos to share that I feel like turned a lot of heads.

I have worked with many groups. The only struggle that i seem to see is agreeing to something. Every team member has to be on the same page. Other than it seems easy.

I expect to learn a lot of fun facts when visiting the different areas. I hope that the trip goes well and that there are no complication.

Week 8

I think working in my group has shown me that I have to be vocal and act like a team mate. We had our own ideas on what we wanted to do for the fundraiser and came down to one fundraiser. We talked to some charities and we really want to fundraise for Pets for Vets. They have a great program. The one guy we talked to made us want to fundraise for them. He was nice and happy to talk to us about their program. The field trip to the charity would be more of an experience for us and I am happy to go to their charity.

week 8

Our team’s decision on which organizations are best for our investment was pretty easy. We already kind of knew from the beginning who we were going to pick because we knew of these organizations already. We pretty have decided on Pine View and Free Spirit Riders. We haven’t decided how much money we are giving to each because we are still selling puppy chow to make more money. My experience with working in a group environment has been pretty good. It’s nice because we can bounce ideas off of each other. I find that is easier to work in the group because you don’t have to be responsible for making everything or getting everything done. You can split the work apart. Our group is all in agreement on decisions being made. We don’t have any arguments about it. For next week when we go on the trips to the places I’m expecting to see a lot of new things I didn’t know about the organizations and also to be 100% that they will be a good place to donate to.

Week 8

Our decision was pretty easy since the beginning. We knew we wanted to donate to Pineview Rehabilitation right away when we made contact. They were really nice and willing to give information, and they have a really cool organization. We also really like Free Spirit Riders and decided that they would be a great place to donate our money to. We are not finished fundraising and therefore have not decided how much we would like to donate to each of the organizations.
I really enjoy working in groups for projects such as these and so this was a pretty cool opportunity to work with friends on something we are all interested in. With my group it is pretty easy because we are all willing to put in the work needed to be successful. We are all in agreement over pretty much every decision we make. If we do disagree we really just talk it out and come to a compromise. In the future of Main Street Philanthropy we are going to sell puppy chow again and donate our money.

Week 7 Blog

#1 I think main street philanthropy was easy. I liked the fact that we looked for charities and are donating money to them. I learned that donating for charities is fun and is a good thing to do.
#2 The fundraising for my group is done. We sold cupcakes and made just about $150 dollars. We have decided to give our money to Riveredge Nature Center.
#3 My interview: I interviewed my dad. My dad thought that the Mainstreet Philanthropy was a good thing to do. He also had some strong feelings about children these days and whether people should get involved in donating and supporting charities or organizations. He is happy that I got the chance to be apart of this group.

Week 8 Blog

A. My team decided on giving to Riveredge Nature Center. We decided on this organization by looking at how reliable they were and we all wanted to give to the environment.
B. I didn’t like working in a group environment. I found it difficult because my group members were not very inclusive and didn’t like me as there partner. I am handling it by just forgetting it and moving on.
C. I expect the next few weeks to be fun. I am excited for the field trips and I cant wait to give the check to our chosen Organization. I think I will feel good about it.

Week 7

A.) I have learned a lot about myself and others. Somethings are easier to do than other things. Picking what fundraiser we wanted to do was probably the hardest.
B.) I believe my group and I are ready to make our final decision on what we’d like to do with the money.
2.) I interviewed a friend and I knew that she enjoyed giving back to others and one thing that she thought was different from when she was younger is how much people are on cell phones now then they ever where. Everything used to be about family and now everyone’s glued to their phones.

Week 8

A.) We want to either give to Mahala’s Hope or the solution center in Fond Du Lac. We want to help stop hunger and to get the people off the street.
B.) My experience has been great, getting to know how everything affects others. It’s pretty easy, other than figuring out how to fundraiser. We all pretty much are in agreement.
C.) For the field trip it should be fun to see how everything is run at the organization. For the graduation giving a speech and seeing what each of the other groups did to give to their organization.

week 8

Working in a group is never easy. There are always going to be some disagreements about things but you have to get past it and get through it together. In the group that I am working with we have had some disagreements about what kind of fundraiser we want to do. When we were talking about it there were all kinds of ideas, but we had to go with the most realistic for our school. In the end though we all were in agreement and got through it. Also when trying to get everyone in participation and letting them know that this is team work and everyone should be participating. When choosing our organization to donate the money to while talking to the people we knew right away that we were going to donate to Pets for Vets because while talking to the guy he was so energetic and excited to tell us everything about this organization. It was really fun listening to this guy talk about how he loves to help those local veterans who are in need of a little extra loving when they are dealing with PTSD. Listening to him talk about the experiences that he has gone through was a no brainer that Pets for Vets was the right organization for my group. I am really excited for the field trip coming up, not only am I excited to see the expression on the faces of the organization that my group has raised money for everyone else’s group as well. I am excited to see all the charities that we have heard about in person and experience it first hand