family interview

I had interviewed my mother with the list of questions given and for the most part she couldn’t really give a depth answer. For example, one of the questions i asked about how community service affected you, and as for my mom, her life really didn’t afflict on supporting her community and being open minded. As a kid my mom immigrated from Cambodia to the U.S., and her living status was really bad. Her family didn’t have much money to live upon, so they had t0 live through a struggling time. Growing up all she knew was that she had to go to school and that was her number one priority. With that being said her answers really didn’t surprise me because i know my mom really well and i was more inform rather than surprised. But aside from that she did believe that poverty is a big issue in the world and that’s something she thinks need to be focus upon. Something i learned from the conversation is that there are lots of problems in the world, and the best thing to do is to just give back and help. If we provide help across the world, it would better our lifestyle and how we view everything.

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