Interviewing about Philanthropy

We are now in the part to the term where we are supposed to interview a family member, mentor or friend about philanthropy, I chose to interview my mom because I know from hearing about stories from my mom’s childhood that she had a very interesting childhood. There was actually nothing that surprised me about hearing about my mom’s life, because I already kind of knew what it was like for her as a kid.What I learned from our conversation was that my mom really didn’t make an charitable contributions when she was younger. With her family, they had to use their money wisely because after my grandpa had died when my mom was my age, it was harder for her and her family since he did more of the work. So they weren’t able to give that much to charity. She also gave me advice on how to handle my money, even though I already am.

This interview made me start thinking of how giving to charity will give me a more fulfilling life when I am older.


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