6. Making calls and Fundraising

We had to make calls to strangers to see if they were interested in what we were doing. What I found from calling organizations is that some of them seemed ecstatic to meet you and talk to you while others seemed go be having a bad day. The main charity that I had to call was very friendly and happy to hear that I wanted to make a contribution. This person answered every question accurately and with a great attitude. You could tell right away they liked working towards their cause. Other people would not have answers to a lot of questions and didn’t sound as happy to talk to someone willing to make a contribution.

As of fundraising, it is not as easy as I originally thought. My group and I have been having a hard time deciding on what type of fundraiser we are going to do. Also, it is not so easy to abide by the school’s rules and find something appealing for people to buy to help us out with our project. Often, we will have to wait a few days to hear back from someone who has to approve the fundraiser and then they will tell us a few rules that we have to follow.

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