5. Calling strangers

When you are trying to find out information about a specific charity, it may be a good idea to talk to someone rather than just look at words on a web page. This gives you a more personal feel to the charity and the people involved. I personally do not have any awkwardness when talking to unknown people on the phone. I often have to make phone calls for my parents and have been making my own appointments for about a year. When I called my organization, the person who answered seemed very friendly and answered all my questions quickly and with a good attitude. She seemed very eager to talk to me.

I don think its very hard to analyze whether or not a charity is a good investment of my time or money. Once you have solid proof that the charity is working towards something that benefits society and you speak to people that sound excited about what they do its not hard to know whether or not you should invest in them. I think that good organizations are the ones that are happy to give back to society.

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