Contacted organizations and fundraiser

I have learned that some organizations are very willing and appealing to people who are interested in taking time to learn about their organization. But there are also some organizations that wont even bother to make contact with you. Both of these actions really show if the organization Is trustworthy or not. We had a fundraiser hosted by me and my group here at Clairemont high school. We had a water war day here at school, teachers vs. students. I thought it went absolutely great. We had many people come out and support. We had math teachers which we knew students would like to throw water ballons at and the teachers ended up getting drenched. It was a great/ fun experience here at our school. Unfortunately, we had to cut the fundraiser off towards the last eight minutes we had left at lunch due to a peer who didn’t want to get wet at the fundraiser. But overall,  we made a good profit that day that will be going towards helping animals very soon! 🙂

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