philanthropy: “Philanthropy? I guess it’s like those people that put in time to help others, right?”

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***11. Define philanthropy.
“Philanthropy? I guess it’s like those people that put in time to help others, right?”

For this activity, I have chosen to interview my older brother, Ian.

The biggest thing I have learned from this interview is that my brother and I think a lot alike, (surprising right?) Here are his responses.

1. Where did you grow up, and how were things different then than they are today?
“I grew up in the Philippines. I’d say I have a lot more opportunities now and I guess I’d say I advanced mentally and physically from then and I have a lot more friends and social skills.”

2. What was an experience you had as a young person that changed your life? What lessons did you learn from that experience?
“My move from the Philippines to the U.S definitely changed my life. Lessons I’ve learned? We shouldn’t be too complaisant in where we are because something might change and we have to adapt to the new situation.”

3. How were money matters handled in your family growing up?
“I guess they were handled the way they were supposed to because I was never lacking in anything. I was never lacking in clothes or food so I guess money matters were handled.”

4. What are some lessons about money that a young person should know?
“I think young people these days don’t understand the value of money because I feel like our last generation planted the tree and this generation enjoys the shade. A lesson a young person should know I guess is when it comes to money, you have to work for it. Unless you are a college student looking for a scholarship, there isn’t free money.”

5. What are some organizations or causes you have supported or that you now support with your charitable giving and/or community service?
“I guess I strongly support the issue with teens getting all the information they need to prevent childhood pregnancies. I feel like if we give them what we need as far as birth control and if we are more open about it, we can lower the percentage of pregnancies.”

6. What are some ways that charitable giving and community service have made your life better?
“I don’t know, I just feel more accomplished now and part of the community.”

7. What are some reasons you think it’s important that young people today get involved in charitable giving and community service?
“Today’s young people are our future so it is important for them to know what they could do to make the community more efficient organization because if you don’t teach them now, later on down the road what is going to happen to community?”

8. If you could fix one serious problem in the world today, what would that be? Explain why that area of concern is so important to you.
“I’m going to say, AIDS in Africa because it’s just as bad as hunger there and it’s often not as known or paid attention to because most people think it’s an awkward subject but it is a very serious problem.”

9. Tell me about a time when it felt like you made a meaningful differ- ence in someone’s life, or in your community, or in our country.

10. In your opinion, what are some secrets to a joyful and fulfilling life?
“Umm… I guess just keeping friends and family close, keeping connected with the people in your life. Always trying new things, stepping out of the comfort zone when it comes to things you like to do. And having a positive attitude.”

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