No Man Left Behind

My mom actually did some work with Wounded Warriors, so I was able to go down there and check out the facility. I went with my mom and friends to serve dinner to some of the wounded veterans in the facility. As I was serving these wonderful people, I realized how much I wanted to help them. Most of these veterans were very nice despite their obvious disabilities. My heart went out to them because I wanted to make their day just a little bit brighter. Wounded Warriors foundation is well known and does have some funding. But in my personal opinion, I believe there is always more we can do to help. I want to take this opportunity in our MSP project to try and make a real difference. Its difficult to analyze a organization based on their taxes because, you don’t know for sure what the money is going towards. I feel that based on organization’s tax forms, you won’t know what your money is going to exactly. Also by using the tax form you can get a pretty good idea.

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