Looking for Organizations

While looking for organizations, my group and I found the type’s that we feel are most important to us. For mine I found this local charity called Homeless Veteran Service. I found that this organization doesn’t make as much money as many other organizations and they really need the money in order to help veterans. That is the reason I chose that organization. It doesn’t matter if the charity is known all over the world, all that matters is that they are doing something to help others in need.

It’s important to look at the numbers before you make an investment because you need to know that the money you’re giving to them is going to what you want it to help. The organization that I chose actually doesn’t have a 990 tax form. I learned that only charities who make over $25,000 a year have the 990 tax form; my organization doesn’t make that much. That is why I want to donate to them anyways. I did learn from my organization that they aren’t well known as some other organizations. So that is why I am trying to get the word out about Homeless Veteran Service.

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