Interviewing about Philanthropy

We are now in the part to the term where we are supposed to interview a family member, mentor or friend about philanthropy, I chose to interview my mom because I know from hearing about stories from my mom’s childhood that she had a very interesting childhood. There was actually nothing that surprised me about hearing about my mom’s life, because I already kind of knew what it was like for her as a kid.What I learned from our conversation was that my mom really didn’t make an charitable contributions when she was younger. With her family, they had to use their money wisely because after my grandpa had died when my mom was my age, it was harder for her and her family since he did more of the work. So they weren’t able to give that much to charity. She also gave me advice on how to handle my money, even though I already am.

This interview made me start thinking of how giving to charity will give me a more fulfilling life when I am older.


Contacting organizations and fundraising

After speaking with the CEO of Homeless Veteran Service, I have found that he is very committed to changing the lives of homeless veterans in San Diego. I know that even though his organization is that well known as some other charities and doesn’t make as much money as them, he still puts all of his heart and effort into spreading out his charity. Also the day that I had contacted this organization, it was around 7:30 at night and I expected just to leave a message on a machine. But I was pleasantly surprised to find that he was still at his office. It shows that he is committed to doing whatever it takes to help his charity.

My teams fundraiser is going to be a Sadie Hawkins dance held at school.  I have found it to be very difficult to arrange the dance. Even though the dance was approved by ASB, we still have to have some other aspects in order to make it possible. We had found out without anyone telling us that we have to hire campus security and we need janitors to help clean the gym after. Also finding a DJ with an affordable price is also necessary for us. Another problem is trying to spread the word about the dance. We need as many people as we can to come in order to help give more to our chairty.

Evaluating Organizations

While evaluating an investment to a company, I have found that it is better to research the company and find out how much they put into each of their areas at the company. I also found that asking the organization where the money would go if I were to donate to that charity.

I have found that it was easy to evaluate the non-profit organizations. While looking at the websites of the organizations, most of them had their mission, purpose and vision statements. They all put what they wanted to work for to change and what they would do with the money that was donated to their organization. Though the organization that I researched didn’t have the proper tax form, I did find that those who are working them are doing everything they can to change the lives of those less fortunate.


Looking for Organizations

While looking for organizations, my group and I found the type’s that we feel are most important to us. For mine I found this local charity called Homeless Veteran Service. I found that this organization doesn’t make as much money as many other organizations and they really need the money in order to help veterans. That is the reason I chose that organization. It doesn’t matter if the charity is known all over the world, all that matters is that they are doing something to help others in need.

It’s important to look at the numbers before you make an investment because you need to know that the money you’re giving to them is going to what you want it to help. The organization that I chose actually doesn’t have a 990 tax form. I learned that only charities who make over $25,000 a year have the 990 tax form; my organization doesn’t make that much. That is why I want to donate to them anyways. I did learn from my organization that they aren’t well known as some other organizations. So that is why I am trying to get the word out about Homeless Veteran Service.

Purpose, Mission and Vision Statements

This week we worked on creating our Mission, Purpose and Vision Statements for the organizations that we’re trying to find.

While creating the statements, I experienced what I thought would be the most important things for veterans have after they come back from war. My group and I came up with donating to housing and prosthetic needs for those veterans. This made me feel like we are giving those wounded warriors another chance at a normal life.

While reaching out to organizations this week, I think that my group and I will experience some organizations who are surprised and impressed that high school students are giving back to their community by raising money and donating it to a worthy cause. Some also might be wondering why there is a group of high school students asking them questions about their organizations.