family member interview

My mother grew up in San Diego, and things were a little more loose with freedom than they are today. Money was tight and they had to scrap through to get by. She learned that people should manage their money when they’re young so they can fall into a good habit when they’re older.

Blog #6

It was a formal conversation, I felt this exercise will help me in the future when I have to make professional phone calls with people. My team fundraiser was a penny jar, we collected change from around the school from students and faculty. What I found difficult was finding kids willing to donate, but in the end, I feel we’ve had a good amount of change donated to our cause. I’ve learned, you just got to put yourself out there and get social with your community, giving off a great impression is always key. 

Organization experiences

It was very formal on the phone, calling the organization CAF (Challenged Athletes Foundation) and getting information from their staff. Luckily, my wrestling coach who has a prosthetic leg is a member and staff at this organization which was really helpful and convenient for me. It can be difficult to know which one will be great to invest in because there is so many organizations helping out the same cause. 

Taxes Topic

They are a really stable organization, and know how to manage their money and stay on top of their finances. It is important to look at the numbers because you want to make sure that organization is secure and your money will be donated accordingly to the cause. These companies that have a great financial background will succeed and prosper in the future.

blog post 2

The paper bag activity showed me how different and similar you are to fellow classmates. This helped us get to know each other  better. Our fundraising idea is the Penny War, we collect pennies from school and people who will be willing to donate