Let the Festivities…. Begin!

Brace yourselves world; here comes a new batch of philanthropists!  

Today was our first encounter, Main Street Philanthropy meets Academy of Business, Period 6.  What will happen next?  Will we effectively interact, learn together, grow, experience a few new things, get glimpses of foreign lands?   Will we inspired by the impact we’re able to make in our worlds?  

Having completed the MAD card exercises, we have an idea of where we’d like to affect change in the world.  We’ve narrowed down our selection from many many important causes to just three.  Not an easy task, but an important one.  Our resources are limited.  Our time, our dollars, our capacity.  We must learn to maximize the impact we can make within the limitations of these resources.  However, it doesn’t take great wealth to make great change.  It does require great passion, desire, and intent.  

Welcome to Main Street Philanthropy folks, I hope you’re as excited for this adventure as I am!  

Cheers! ~RyP