Blog Post 5

Calling organizations was very simple. I thought most people overlooked or under looked this important skill. I called Wounded Warriors. The telephone lady was very nice and understood exactly what it was I wanted and let me leave a message to the person who can help me. Anaylizing their taxes was very easy.

Blog Post 4

I found it very easy to contact and judge organizations. We both have the same goal witch is to help our passion. The orginization is very comfertable with high school students donating money.

It was easy to ask the questions. I found the best one was asking them to tell me how long their volenteers worked and how many came back. This was usful be casuse it shows how much people want to invest more time in the orginazation.

Blog Post 3

When I created my purpose and mission statements I felt for-filed in my ability to truly translate my thoughts into text. We worked as a team to really define our goals in this program.

I expect to encounter lots of organizations that either don’t believe in us or don’t want to here high school students discussing money.

Blog Post 2

I did not participate in the brown bag activity but if I did I don’t know what I would bring. There are a lot of things that describe me and a lot that don’t it would be really hard to pick three things that describe my whole life. My group is planing a Sandy Hawking dance. They want to hold it in February.

My experience with the flash cards really made me think what it was I truly cared about. It also made me aware of other problems the world deals with each day and people work extremely hard to fix.

I hope to cooperate with real businesses and learn how to donate responsibly. I want to understand the purpose of philanthropy.