family interview

I had interviewed my mother with the list of questions given and for the most part she couldn’t really give a depth answer. For example, one of the questions i asked about how community service affected you, and as for my mom, her life really didn’t afflict on supporting her community and being open minded. As a kid my mom immigrated from Cambodia to the U.S., and her living status was really bad. Her family didn’t have much money to live upon, so they had t0 live through a struggling time. Growing up all she knew was that she had to go to school and that was her number one priority. With that being said her answers really didn’t surprise me because i know my mom really well and i was more inform rather than surprised. But aside from that she did believe that poverty is a big issue in the world and that’s something she thinks need to be focus upon. Something i learned from the conversation is that there are lots of problems in the world, and the best thing to do is to just give back and help. If we provide help across the world, it would better our lifestyle and how we view everything.

Week 6

The 6th week was inspirational. We got to see a video clip about an elder lady who had lots of money saved and she donated it all to things she felt close to. This taught me that you can still give to people no matter if its money or assistance. Whether if your poor or rich you can still change lives. And besides the video our mission towards funding money for hunger relief is doing well. We haven’t got lots of money yet, but its progressing day by day.

During our 5th week of msp, we got to learn alot about taxes. We learned how it was used in our society and how it can also be used when evaluating any non profit organization. The interesting thing about looking at a 990 tax form was analyzing what the money was use for and where it was going. And with that being said, looking at the tax form really helped use determine which organization we’d like to donate towards. So I believe Ryan really taught us a useful and helpful tool because it will definitley benefit us in the future.



Calling organizations

During the 4 week of m.s.p I personally can say that it has been a very educational and productive couple of days. Not to say it has been too overwhelming. I believe I gained lots of knowledge and became very confident personally. Being able to call a non- profit organization was something different and hesitant, because I never done a one on one call with an executive board member before. So in the end after calling an organization, it felt good and it really made me feel confident and professional.


blog post 3: Our vision

During Tuesdays meeting of main street philanthropy we got to focus on our issue and get real specific on how we are going to support it. We came up with our purpose, vision, and mission statement which was a good experience since it narrowed down on what we want to accomplish. Our purpose was to donate money towards trustworthy organizations so it can feed the homeless in our local hometown and hopefully help people internationally who are also suffering from hunger. I expect to encounter meeting new people who also support this cause, as we get to see and visit all the organizations we chose.