what I learned after analyzing the the 990 from our charity that they were very under funded and that they did not have their name out there enough for it to be recognized and for people to donate to it so that is what I noticed. For me looking at the number is not all about how much money they are making vs much they are giving to the people they are helping, though it is put into consideration, it is about how funded the charity is all together because if they cant afford stay afloat much less help anyone then those are the charities that need the most focus.

BLOG POST #3: Money that Cares

My Experience in discover my purpose, vision, and mission has been eye opening to say the least. Starting this M.S.P project has made me realize that philanthropy is not just signing a check for some random charity(Well for some “Philanthropists” it is) but there is a lot of research and care that goes into choosing the right organization making sure your dollar goes along way. Some thing s that I believe that I will encounter when search for the right charity for instance are scammers or people setting up fake charities, charities that put little money into the actual cause, and unkind people who don’t really care, but I do believe that are some good quality charities that can make a difference for unfortunate people.

What I Learned about my classmates

I learned that my classmates is they are very transparent and they have shown a  lot about their personality already but it is nice to see what they compare themselves to. Our fundraiser is a movie night held in the cafeteria, we are not certain on what we are going to show yet but it will draw a crowd. We will have popcorn and other delicious treats.