Post #3

Our mission statement is to help people with disabilities. We would like to help try to make peoples lives easier and brighten their day. I would like to hope that the organizations will hear us out but I’m not expecting that because we are kids. If they do hear us out I would expect for them to try to persuade us to donate to them.

Post #2

Since I was absent for this activity, the three things I would’ve brought were a basketball, my phone, and headphones. The basketball represents my love for the game. My phone can keep me in close contact to friends and family that live further away. My headphones help me get away from the world and allow me to hear want I want.

Post #1

My group is focusing on mentally disabled people, it was all our 1st choice when we picked our 3 MAD cards. I feel more towards the mentally disabled because my family and I volunteer our time when they have fun raisers. The difficulties these kind of people go through is heart breaking, but I always see them with big smiles on their face, and no matter how I am doing, helping them makes me very thankful.