#6 Calling Teamwork

I didn’t learn a whole lot when I called an organization, most of the people there didn’t personally know exactly what I was asking when I did ask it. But when I got to talking to the higher level people in the organizations I did find out more of what I wanted to know. It wasn’t exactly what I was hoping I’d find when I called an organization, I was hoping more people would know more about the organization, or at least be able to go into more detail then they did.

Our fundraising hasn’t actually started yet, we haven’t gotten ASB’s approval at the school yet, and we haven’t gone out as a team yet and actually tried to fundraise, Its very hard calling team work at any day for our group because we are all very active and have prior obligations, since before joining together for this project. It would be much easier if we could all just find one day in common to go out and do our fundraiser.

#5 Calling Organizations O.O

The first call to an organization was super scary to me at first, but it was all for nothing, they didn’t answer, and when I left a message and emailed them, They never responded. When I finally did get an organization on the phone I asked some of the people some questions, and followed my script. I didn’t get anywhere with the first person I talked to, but when I talked to her manager then I got answers. Every call was super scary to me, I was super nervous because I had never done that before, but I think the people I was talking to were just as scared as I was. But I did learn that not very many people know what a 990 is.

After calling and looking at all the numbers for organizations I find it way harder to evaluate a company, I use to think you could just give your money away if you had enough of it, but now I’m realizing how many different organizations there are, its hard to choose an organization you think is worthy of your money, or one that isn’t worthy of your money after looking into them so closely.

#4 Taxes

After analyzing the businesses taxes I learned several things, one of the best things I learned while analyzing the businesses taxes was how long the business could last if the economy were in the toilet. The business I personally analyzed couldn’t last too long on its own, though it does generate a lot of money on its own. After analyzing my businesses taxes I learned about some of my group members and the businesses they analyzed taxes, and some of the businesses could last a few months, but not many could go more than a year.

I believe that its important to look at the numbers before making an investment because we need to know how long a business could last if something drastic were to happen. We need to know where all the money goes, we need to know if someone is being honest, and we need to see if there is a flaw in the numbers to just be sure someone is being honest.

Honesty is the best policy, but its good to double check.

#3 Creating our Vision

A. Creating a vision was harder than I originally thought, my group had a lot of ideas, but we could only come up with one idea we actually want to do. We want to create a comfortable environment for people with physical, and mental disabilities. We are looking into organizations, that will help with something like making wheel chairs and basic necessities to make everyday life easier for these people to fulfill everyday basic activities.

B. I expect when we find an organization that we will agree with, they would be very willing, helpful, and friendly when we talk to them, but I also expect this week while we find organizations to talk to they won’t always be friendly, and some may even hang up on us.

We will find an organization to help us

MSP Meeting #2

This meeting we were put into our groups, my group ended up being People with Mental and Physical Disabilities. For our name the group came up with the name The Helping 5.

After getting into our groups we did a Paper Bag Activity, one of my group members brought a turtle he got when he went to Hawaii, then he told a story about how he got a scar on his side from going cliff jumping. Later I shared a Lego person thats always on my key ring and we learned that we both like Legos.

After the Paper Bag Activity we came up with our name, then we found what type of fundraiser we were going to do. We chose to do a penny activity, basically we will go around asking for pennies, and after we raise some money we would give that money to a charity helping people with Mental and Physical Disabilities.

We are not sure when we will start doing the activity yet, we have to wait for the schools ASB to say we are allowed to start.  We will start as soon as we are allowed.