Blog post #7

Interviewing my friends was very odd yet, interesting to see how well of an interviewer I am as well as how well they are interviewee. I had interviewed a friend that was very captivated in our project topic. The reason I had chose one of my friends was because they won’t be as close so it won’t be easy and sort of a challenge. Something they said that surprised me was their answer to their thought on my project topic, their answer was very well put and they seemed genuinely interested in this topic be for hand. One thing I had learned from this interview is it was almost ass if filling out a survey instead of a interview because it was all about their opinion.

Blog post #6

1) My teams fundraising activity will be taking play in the next week or so and so far we have been making a great amount of success and seems like everything will be going great. I’m hoping for a good amount of donation for our cause expecialy since our found raising activity will be taking place in school. my team members have been putting in a great amount of effort and hopefully it will be a success.

Blog post #5

1) My experience calling organization was absolutely exciting and new. I’ve never foci ally called organization for something worth while, even though it was nerve wrecking, I enjoyed every minute of it because it’s was honestly a first time thing and it’s always fun to try new things expecialy someone my age.  It built a lot of confidence in my communication skills over the phone and that was a big bonus to the fun me and my group members had calling different organizations.                                                       2) I’m starting to find that it’s easy to analyze organizations taxes due to the training it all was to research and ask about our own organizations . It’s a lot more understanding  and helpful in making sure our money is secure to an non profit that will surely use our money for the purpose of its good cause.

Blog #4 tax forms

1) After dealing with business taxes I learned a few things that were very helpful. To begin with, how long the business could last during the economies worst times. Second, I learned a lot about my group members businesses and their different types of tax forms.                                                                                                                                    2)  I think it’s important to take a look at business tax numbers before investing, to know where your money  goes and make sure the organization is being as honest with their purpose to run a charitable organization.

Blog post #2

In one of the activities ask of us to do was our brown bag activity,where we entered three items to describe yourself. Although I wasn’t there participate, I found it very interesting and fun. In my bag I entered a concert ticket to express my love for music and the enjoyment I have a concerts. Next, was an photo including all my family and friends