In MSP  thsi week we had to call organizations. I really had a hard time calling them because I was scared that they wouldnt know what I was talking about and the entire conversation would go nowhere. I still think it’s hard to evaluate a non-profit organizations because even though you know what their spending the money on you don’t know how effective their methods are at being a productive oragainzation.


This week in msp, we learnded about quantitave analysis. I had to read a 990 tax form and I realized that they didnt hav3e any spending that was uncalled for. I believe that making an analysis based on because it really shows that they haveor have not made the proper investments which would decide where your money would go.

Third week of MSP

In class today, during our main street philanthropy section, we had to figure out our mission, purpose, and vision statements.  I was rather confused with this. I had never planned out a mission statement or any kind of statement before. I especially  look forward to contacting an organization. I hope they are friendly and care about the cause they work for.

Second week of MSP

This week we exposed what was in our brown bags that we had received last week. We were supposed to fill them with what meant something to us. I filled mine with my keys, my wallet, and my panda hat. I put these in because I don’t feel right without my keys and my wallet and I used my hat because I love animals and I mean all animals. I can’t wait till next week!

Today in Mr. Walters class we learned about philanthropy and used MAD cards. MAD stands for “make a difference.” We selected the three cards that best were the topics that we would be the most interested in. I look forward to this project