Calling my organization as I said before was a bit difficult . But when they finally called back, I was ready to say what I had to say and they actually seemed interested. They gave me an update in there organization and what type of animals are they focused on. It was great hearing all of there success and how many animals lives where saved. Going towards our fundraising, it was great! What we did was a water war day. Teachers volunteered to help out, they would stand in a line and they would ether get thrown at with water balloons or get wimped cream all other them. It was really fun but it got a bit out of hand and we had to cancel it. We made around $80 but it was amazing. Most of the stuff we used for our fundraiser was donated so we didn’t spend that much money. It all turned out great, everyone was having such an awesome time!

Calling organizations

Calling organizations has probably been the hardest thing to do. A lot of the organizations we were looking up to wouldn’t pick up or never called us back. But overall, all of my teammates did an amazing job finding an organization. We probably called over 5 each and it was difficult actually trying to get them to listen to us and let us explain what Main Street philanthropy was in general. Finding our organizations and looking at there taxes was stressful. We all had so many organizations and we didn’t know which one we wanted to invest our money into. Many organizations were successful and had a good momentum in there cause . Others had low numbers and looked like there organization was going no where and it was hard to decide whether on giving money to the organization that needs it or a successful organization that would actually really help the animals in need …. ?

Blog #4

Its extremely important to look at the taxes of an organization before inversting money in it. I’m sure you wouldn’t want to invest money in a organization with low numbers, it wouldn’t be worth your time nor money. In my organization called ” Pets in need animal rescue ” its great. They spend 0 amount of money for fundraisers. Which means they make a lot of profit. They get an average amount of money! In organizations they have there ups and downs. They have their struggles and their strengths. We have to look if there numbers are in great shape, and if so that could be the organization you might want to invest in.

Experince with purpose, vision, and mission statements

Developing these three points is something completely necessary to start your orginization . The purpose statement is used to see why your cause is important to you and why you would take the time to help that cause out. The vision statement is what you with to see with the future of your cause. Along with that your mission statement,  it tells people the actions you are willing to take to see your vision come true. I would hopefully find people that are willing to take the time and commitment to help us get to our vision, which is to stop the abuse of animals and see them live happy lives.

Brown Bag Activity

Woah! Today was awesome. I learned so much about my group members. We all shared what we had in our bags, which all felt like a mystery. The people that chose the same orginations as me, I left like I automaticly bonded with them. It was a great experince. What I had in my bad was my softball gloves, for the reason that now that is my sport, I have a strong passion for it and its now part of my life. Another thing I had in my bad was Sea World necklace of Shamu, to show the love I have for sea creatures and the ocean. The last thing I had in my bad was a picture of my family, this is no question indeed. I love my family to death and I dont know what I would do without them.