Interviewing my mom

I decided to interview my mom because she has always told me how hard it was for her to get where she is today. When I asked her about how her family handled money she said that they just spent it all on what they need to pay. My mom grew up in Mexico and they didn’t have much to live off of because my grandpa had died and my mom had A LOT of brothers and sisters. All the money was used for what they needed. She told me that what kids need to learn about money is that they need to save at least part of the money they had. She also said that they needed to learn to appreciate every cent they get. One thing she said she could help was people with Diseases. For example, people with cancer or leukemia. She said that she would help them because seeing them suffer through it and not being able to help them is horrible. After interviewing my mom I learned how much my mom cared for so many things in this world, but has never been able to help. My mom has a big heart, but she just wish she could help every one in need.

After calling and fundraising

After calling one charity seemed interested and happy to hear from me. Their 990 was sent to me and after analyzing it I noticed they managed their money properly. They used half the money for fundraising and the other half to use it to help their cause. Our fundraiser was a penny drive. This was a challenge for our team because the ASB from school denied our fundraiser. So we tried to figure out a date and time to do it outside of school, but we couldn’t. We were all committed to either sports or work that we didn’t have time to put it in our schedules. We just decided to do it on our own at home when we could.

Nerves before calling organizations

When Ryan told us we had to call charities I was scared. I didn’t want to do it, but I knew at some point I would have to make phone calls as important as these. So I pulled myself together took a few deep breaths and I called and asked about their 990 and let them know that our team was considering donating money to them. Most of the organization said they would reach out to me or they didn’t seem interested to hear what I had to say. I realized that it’s ver difficult to evaluate organizations for a potential investment because either nobody was interested or I never heard back from them.


Today in MSP we learned how charities managed their money and if they really did use it to help others or if it was a scam. We learned how to do this by looking through their 990 tax form from last year. A charity that I looked into to donate money to did manage their money well. Although most of their money didn’t go towards helping their cause it helped get more things that were needed to get the word out for the cause. That’s what I liked about the organization that I chose. I learned that if you look at the numbers first you know that your money will be used correctly and it’ll be in the right hands.


Our team vision

When our teamed talked about our vision, mission, and purpose we all agreed. We wanted to help people with disabilities live a easier rich and fulfilling and happier life by providing them with getting their basic necessities. We are trying to contact organizations that we might want to donate money to.

We are going to call organizations to see if we are going to donate to them, but I think people will be polite and sincere or they might not anything to do with us. Well whatever happens during these calls I hope it goes well !