Learning From Our Experience

Week 6 was a huge learning experience for me. I learned that is pretty hard to find a fundraiser that is something that you can actually do. When your the only person in your team that is concerned with finding  a fundraiser you just have to do what is best for a cause you care about . That is step up and if an organiztion that is willing to give you information about them and also find an fundraiser that will make a big impact on many lifes. This is something in life that you can learn from for future situations. No matter what there is always going to be a roadblock in your way that pushes you to go on the left path but never give up stay on the right path.

roadblock dont quit break through

Stuggles With Calling Organizations

For week 5 we contacted organizations. My experience with contacting organizations was weird all of the organizations I called were diffuclit to reach a specfic  person in charge, leader ,or active board member. When I called Feed America San Diego it was one of those calls when we had to click certain numbers to contant certain departments  in the organization. When I clicked for the leader in charge of the fundraising department it was her saying that she no longer worked there and to contact another person. It is not at all  easy to reach a person in charge in an organiztion.  Feed America San Deigo taxes were very long because its so many different areas where money is being used for. Are they a good fit for a potential investment? Not Soo!!!



Getting To Know Orgaizations Through Their Taxes!!!

During week 4 we focesed on analyzing oranganizations taxes. There is so much a person can learn from an organizations taxes. I Learned that some organization spend half of the for there money on fundraisers and not enough money is being used for there actcual purpose. I also found that some organizations they volunteers that contribute financial. It is very important to look at the numbers before making an investment. Looking at the numbers a person will determine if they want to invest because they dont want to give money and its not use properly.


The Purpose of Changing Lives

My experience with creating my purpose was hard at first and then we desided want we really wanted the give to hungry people. What  I expect from reaching out to different organizations is organizations that will care about what Im doing and some that will just not want to communicate with us.





My First Experience with MSP

A. Describe your experience using the MAD (Make A Difference) Cards. What did you learn about yourself? What did you learn about others?

B. What do you hope to gain from participating in the Main Street Philanthropy Program?

A: My experience with MAD cards was fun I learned alot about my self that I care about lots of different situations in life. I also learned that some people have the same interests as me.

B: I hope to gain a better attuitde and be able to help out my community in a life changing way.