The Thought Of A Parent


I interviewed my mom because she has lived in more places throughout her lifetime such as Guadalajara till she was eight years old, Baja California till she was 17 years old and she moved to San Diego when she was 18 years old. I also interviewed her because she will answer with all honesty which makes the interview more exciting but also insightful. One thing that she said that surprised me was that the youths appearance has decayed making what in her time was a dishonor to wear is now the new look. What I learned from this conversation was that people are so into their own world that they don’t even know who they have been neighbors with even though it has been the same neighbors for years. Since people have just stayed into their own business they don’t help others and if we just helped others the world wouldn’t be a chaos. If we all contributed to improve the life of other people we would grow as human beings because helping others is helping yourself and if we were to help each other we would have less youth, children and adults with problems which is one of the many reasons why people should help out organizations not only with money but with volunteer service.


Learning Process


It is important to learn how the organization distributes their money as said in the last post in which I go more into detail on how satisfied I am with the numbers of Children of the Night. This is because you want a charity that actually cares about the cause and not only on how much money they can stuff into their pockets. Not only do you know about an organization when you call them and how they answer the phone but you can also learn about their goals and how they feel about helping other people when looking at their 990 tax form. Sincerely, Children of the Night has motivated me to fund raise for them because when I researched about them they have all these great services for the children and they offer them a GED, psychotropic care and treatments, housing, and they also work with the police department to stop and rescue many children that are forced into prostitution. Having an organization that speaks kindly and with a will of wanting to help you along with having a great presentation in their tax form shows how that organization is a keeper and should be supported so they can continue helping out the community and many of those children that have lost their hope and think they are useless because of the cruel people that crush their childhood, self-esteem, and deprive them from all the wonderful opportunities life has to offer like education and family. Children of the Night clearly shows that they help these children to gain confidence in themselves and show them that even though they had to go through all this pain they are still special and can still continue their education and can have a normal life back into society. Organizations like this one deserve to be supported by the community and money wise.


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The Positive Thinking Mind

Perspective Is Everything

Our second Organization that has treated us with respect is a charity called Children of the Night. To be in complete honesty I wasn’t expecting them to call back when they said they would because of the past experiences that me and my group had when calling Charities. I was interested in them since the first time I saw their 990 Tax form. This is because I saw that they use almost all their money to help stop and prevent the cause of child prostitution. This is wonderful because it shows how they actually care about helping these children and doesn’t have this organization as a profit making machine. Organizations like Children of the Night are the type of organizations that I give thanks for because they care about other people and are willing to help them in their need and lend them a hand knowing that they couldn’t pay them for the services that they offer.  I appreciate charities that do it for the love and put their time and effort to care for people they have never met in their lives. These are the charities that don’t help others for a profit and are the ones that should be merited and appreciated the most.


Do you have the will to help?

Having HOPE and the WILL to help

As said in the last Blog Post me and my team have decided to help charities to stop human trafficking in youth/ help them recover from this trauma. It is exciting to see organizations with the same belief and mission to help people in need and dealing with such a challenging topic as human trafficking. I love the excitement behind searching and finding organizations. Me and my team found organizations in California and contacted them. Sadly, two of them haven’t emailed back or called back. As a team we were excited for one in San Ysidro since it was so close to our location. They answered but they said to leave a voice mail and they would call us back. They haven’t communicated back with a call or an email and same with another organization that was in Del Mar. Even though we felt terrible that two charities didn’t seem to have much will to contact us, one charity did. My team member that received the email from a charity called NOT FOR SALE and was filled with joy when she showed me. Just seeing her happy transmitted to me the same joy and perhaps even more because we are one step closer to fulfilling our mission to help charities with the same will to help prevent and stop human trafficking. 


I am part of the San Diego Youth Improvement (SDYI)


My experience in creating the purpose, vision and mission statements with my group was wonderful because we all found out what we will be focusing our time in effort to help out children that have the horrible life of having to deal with sex trafficking. Since our original MAD card is Child and Youth Services there was many topics that branched out from this our group felt deeply moved with a story that we read about how a girl since she was 12 years old was moved all over the nation inside the trunk of the car and she only got out to be sex trafficked. My group and I expect to encounter when reaching out to organizations is having support from them to help change the community and for them to be interested in the Philanthropy project. I am very happy to have discovered the right mission with my group to change the community and to help youth and children.

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