Friends are the best!

I interviewed a past AOB student, who is my closest friend outside of school. I asked her what her thoughts were on Philanthropy. She said it means love in her eyes, it means that there are people in the world who care about other peoples feelings and will take the time to resolve problems instead of creating them.  She was shocked/excited that the academy was now offering this for me and thought that it was a real life experience that could be very helpful for me in my future. The conversation was great it just kept flowing. We had nothing but great things to say about the world even when the world isn’t at its best right now we just kept at it! I enjoyed it and glad I could persuade her to change there lifestyle a bit ! Even if its a small change, it is the thought that counts.

Charity !

My group has never fund raised before. Seeing the other groups doing all this cool stuff, and raising money makes me pumped to try and earn money for my team. But its harder because they fun raiser we chose hasn’t been exactly bringing in the money we would like to have, but hey some times things don’t work out as you plan them too. I’m just glad i get a chance to even be involved in MSP. I find it very helpful and informative of the real world.

Hello, Wait who is this…?

Calling has been hectic. People aren’t as nice as you would like them to be. Unlike the rest of my team members i don’t have a problem with calling organizations because its easy to me to talk on the phone with someone you don’t know, especially if you already know what you are going to talk about. I called one organization, and they answered very politely and then when i told them about our program they asked me again who I was. I found it very disturbing that they asked me for my name twice, which made me think that they weren’t listening the first time.

Blog #4 Taxes!

A) Ive learned that there is many organizations for disabled/handicapped people. These organizations help people with these diseases by making there life easier. Im excited to see where this goes and looking forward to seeing how much money my group ( the helping 5) can raise! The info in the 990 is interesting and helpful. But, I have started to realize that not everyone really knows what a 990 is.

B) Its important to look at numbers before you make an investment because you wouldn’t want to invest in something that isn’t worth putting money or effort into.

Blog #3 :)!

1) My groups vision is to be able to help as many Disabled people as we can, by making there lives easier, and create more happiness.
Our mission statement is to help people with mental and physical dieseases, and make there everyday life easier.

2) I expect organizations to not really want to take the time to hear us out or care about anything we have to say. Some organiztions might take the time to hear us out, and maybe give us alittle information about there organiztion aswell, so our group is definatly hoping for the best!