Calling Organizations

At first I honestly didn’t have hope in finding organizations since me and my group couldn’t find any on what we specifically wanted to donate the money too. We were told to broaden our topic so I searched for organizations that helped stop human trafficking and slavery, and I found one called “NOT FOR SALE” it focuses on trafficking and how kids are sold. I emailed them and they responded right away, they were attentive and it showed their care for this cause unlike other organizations who take weeks to reply. I’m finding it pretty easy to evaluate non-profit organizations for investments, all thanks to MSP!


After analyzing my organizations 990 tax form, I noticed that more than 80% of the money donated was used on programs to help the cause, which is great, I’m glad I found the organization and me and my group hope to help greatly. It’s always important to see where the money that’s donated goes too, just to make sure we’re not being scammed or played. The numbers for the programs should be higher than the salaries and fundraising of the organization. This shows they actually put in work to the cause and they’re not just doing it for the money.


Choosing to help to end Human Trafficking is the best thing I’ve ever done and I feel great about it! It’s actually a big problem now, then it’s ever been in history, no one deserves to go threw the fear of waking up every morning and face exploitation. I’ve looked at videos online of stories of kids who have been victims of this and it honestly made me cry. Luckily, I emailed a campaign called “Not For Sale” and they emailed me back right away! I was so happy when I saw the email, it showed that they wanted our help and had the same passion as me and my group, to end human trafficking.



Statements and Organizations #3

My experience of the mission statement and purpose really hit me. Sex trafficking is a serious problem and I’m glad me and my group chose it it’s something I want to help with and I hope I can make a difference to stop it! When I contact organizations this week I hope to find someone who has the same passion as my group and to know specifically what they’re about and how they’ll help us choose wisely how we want to donate the money.

Brown paper bag and Fundraiser

The brain paper bag was pretty fun. The stuff I brought were a picture of my siblings since family is everything to me, a brand tag since I love to shop and I brought coupons to show the fast food places I love (I love food!) which got a laugh out of my group. I got the chance to know my group a little bit more by them showing us what meant a lot to them and I think it was a good idea, it brought us a little closer. Me and my team will be holding a fundraiser where we go around and sell oatmeal cookies to the school and outside of school as well. We will be doing it the whole week to see how much money we can raise to support Children, I’m looking forward to see how much profit we make!