We’re trying!

When I called my organization I felt they were really nice and right away they were really intrigued with what I had to say and what I wanted to bring to the table. Once I called them they wanted to know all about what we wanted to do and how we were panning to do it, they got back to us right away and were really happy to hear that we wanted to help them out. For our fundraising activity we want to sell strawberry covered with chocolate but we have came to find that it is more difficult than we thought, the requirements we have to have and the “health codes” of the school are becoming somewhat of a problem to us and we are trying to find a “loophole” to that and hopefully start selling them by sometime next week, because we want to have at least a week of advertising.

You are rude!

When we were calling organizations some of the representatives who answered the phone were really nice and some where just really rude! Seems like they were not having a good day or they just did not want to be there, and that just made their organization look bad and after that I honestly did not even want to speak to a manager or anyone else who could “better help me”. For example, one organization I called I immediately was able to reach a higher person who could help me in exactly what I needed which I at the moment thought was so great, but once her and I started talking she seemed a but less interested especially once I told her we were high school students so that just really said a lot about the organization from her interest and especially since she said “I will consider, call me back in a week” Seriously, who says that??!

All these numbers!

While looking at my organizations taxes my group and I realized that our charity did not use most of the money for themselves, they actually tried to have all the money go to the cause and of course some for themselves but the majority of it went towards the cause and that really left a good impression on me and my group because while looking at other organizations that we were also considering, we found that most of their money didn’t really go towards the cause most of it went to their personal paycheck and we did not find that very appealing so we totally discarded those charities.

My Vision Vs. Yours

Our purpose is t help children who were or are being used for sex. Such as sex trafficking or being enslaved for sexual favors. This week I expect to encounter charities who do indeed have this same vision as us and have helped, and could maybe give us an insight of how to better help or how they did it all.

The Bag

What I put in my paper bag was my phone because I feel my phone is a big part of me and what I never forget, what I use to organize myself. Also what I out was some headphones because I like to hear music, and last I put a gift card to forever 21 because I love to go shopping!
My Team and I are going to be fundraising by standing in front of a popular store like Target, and informing people of our cause and our concerns then asking for some charitable giving’s to support our cause and help us improve with out movement.