Its the Little Things in Life.

I wasn’t here for the “MAD” cards activity, but the card I chose was Children and Youth Servies. The second I saw that card, I wanted that to be my group. My own personal childhood was slightly distrought. I had a job a few months ago teaching younger girls how to cheer and do gymnastics, not only because¬†I know how to cheer and do gymnastics, but because I knew that everyday those girls would come in, they were ready and prepaired to learn and have fun. Just knowing that me teaching them brightened thier day, made the whole time worthwhile. By joining this philanthropy group I really hope the group I am in is able to help SOME child who needs a brighter day. Personaly, I know how sad a kid can get at such a young age, and if I can help just ONE child, then the whole thing wouldve paid off. Im very excited and happy with the group I’ve been put in, and I cant wait to see where this goes.




A Bag Full of Suprises

My name is Haylee Jaszewski. An average teenage girl that goes to high school. Pushing her ways through the hallways just trying to get to class and be with friends. I never really considered doing anything like philanthropy in my life. I wasn’t here for the brown paper bag activity, but the three things I would’ve brought is a butterfly, a rainbow cheer bow, and an empty journal. Butterflies have always been significant for me in my life, it resembles my mother when she passed away a few years ago. I am a varsity cheer leader, but despite the stereotypes, I’m not the straight preppy cheer leader everyone may think I am. If you catch my drift.¬† I would’ve brought the empty journal because in my times of needs or my most inspiring moments, I like to write letters to myself in the future. I’ve never written a blog post before, but I’m excited for what is about to come, and I’m excited for this philanthropy journey.