blog 6

I interviewed my grandpa. I talked to him in the kitchen and recorded everything on my phone.

My grandpa is a great guy he helps me and my mom, and he’s always in a good mood.

45 years ago my grandpa was drunk on wine and he was flying a plane with his friend and crashed it. That day was the last time he ever drank alcohol.

He is a hard worker and never wants to retire. He says, “Clean living is the secret to happiness.

blog 5

San Diego Rescue Mission collects clothing, shoes, small furniture, TV’s, Baby cribs, bibles, and toiletries. They sell some of these items to get money to help the homeless. Some of these items like bibles and toiletries they give directly to the homeless. Their motto is:  “Where hunger ends and hope begins.”

The numbers tell you how much of each dollar the charity collects goes to helping people and how much goes to marketing and overhead.

We learned most of the money the Rescue Mission collects goes to help the homeless.

Blog 4

I was nervous because I don’t like talking to people I don’t know on the phone because I usually text. They didn’t really know what I was saying so they kinda blew me off. In the future I need to work on this skill. Giving away money for a good cause makes me feel good because its going towards helping people. It gave me the prospective of wanting to donate to help people and to have fundraisers to help others if you don’t have a lot of money yourself.

Blog 3

One organization I would call is the Grind For Life organization because I know the guy who runs it and I like what his organization does. Grind For Life gives kids with cancer the chance to meet pro skaters and let them skate. I learned that my classmates like food and shoes. I learned that quiet people like cool stuff.

Blog 2

It was good and interesting.

Blog post 1

I learned that I care about other people and their health. I know this because my 3 cards are Hospital, Hunger, and Housing all of these have to involve people.

Blog #6

  1. I interviewed Ms.Jones because she’s a good teacher.
  2. She said many good things about helping her church and how to save money.
  3. I learned that it’s good to help other that need it and it makes you a good person.

Blog #5

  1. What I learned about my organization is that they do good things to help keep the environment healthy and clean. Like keeping beaches and lakes clean. Also helping animals not get exposed by oil that’s contaminating the ocean.
  2. It’s important to know how they spend their money and if their job right. Because there’s many charities that are scams and they barely use their money to help others and because like in the news some are not specified on how they help this means it’s a scam or they just don’t do their job right.

Blog #4

A. When I called the charity San Diego Coast Keeper I experienced challenges because a couple of the times I called they would hang up or not answer. This also happened to my teammates and other classmates. When I did talk to somebody I told them who I was and who are they and what do they do. I learned that philanthropy is a good thing but you have to be careful of charity scams. MSP is impacting my perspective on the world and because I didn’t have any understanding of philanthropy in San Diego.

B. I’ve learned there are many ways to invest evaluate  a company. One way is to   check their earnings and net income. Another way to evaluate a company is to check their 990 tax form.  I’m not sure if one way is better than another.

Blog #3

A. During the brown paper bag activity I learned that it each thing we brought in our paper bag it represents our own interests. What I brought was my phone and headphones and my keys. What I learned about myself is that I like to use my phone a lot than anything else. I already knew I liked t use my phone a lot, but now I realize it’s a problem!

B. My teammates responses were they all brought their phone and headphones this means that we have the same interests. This may be why we don’t get much work done.

C. I am going to personally call San Diego Coastkeeper and ask them questions about what they and how they help the environment. I choose this non profit organization because they keep beaches and parks clean. They protect and restore fishable, swimmable and drinkable waters in San Diego County. I find this interesting because I want to keep my city clean and healthy. I expect that their committed to what they do and will be kind and communicative.