Blog post 3 + 4

Blog Post 3 –

  1. One thing I learned about myself was that I care about my phone the most. I care about it the most because I literally do everything on my phone. My phone always me to contact my family and friends, watch my shows, and go on social media. My second thing I care about is my headphones. you never see me without my headphones. I love my music because it helps me focus on my work with no distraction at all. I learned from Albert that he cares about his phone too. He says that he can do everything with his phone. He also had headphones just like me. He may not be as intense, but he likes music.
  2. My mom’s response after I told her about Main street philanthropy was that I should be lucky, not many schools have these opportunities. Take advantage of this opportunity.  Then I told my pampa about main street philanthropy. He said that it was neat that your academy offers that. Then I told my nana about main philanthropy. she said it sounded nice because we are helping with problem in the world. It may not be a lot but it’s something that’s is what counts.
  3. Me and my group are going to call The Jacob and Cushman San Diego food bank. I chose this charity because it was near in San Diego and it was highly rated. I’m hoping the company will come down to the class and say a little something something about their charity and what their goal is.


Blog Post #4


  1. To be honest I haven’t been able to call because I’ve been sick so I couldn’t, but I hope my team has called the charity for me.
  2. The most I’ve done to give away money is give the homeless some of my money. MSP has showed me that it is hard to stop these problems in the world. It is extremely hard to end them, but since we have tons of charities in the world we can lessen the problems by a lot. so charities are very important to the world.


  1. I’ve found plenty of ways to evaluate an investment into a company. the best way is to just go to and look up your company and check how much of their money is going to hunger. This is the best method because it tells you how much money will e going towards your goal.
  2. yes because I know any of the money that goes to that charity will be going to necessary things for that charity or my cause, but mainly my cause

Blog Post # 5

In my group, we looked up multiple organizations and learned very interesting things about them. We had discovered that the bulk of the money raised by Promises2Kids is given to the kids that they are trying to help with their cause. It is important to look at the numbers because if you don’t, you could end up giving your money to a charity that gives 95% of donations to pay staff members and assistant organizations intead of helping their cause.

Blog Post #5

I learned that my organization was a very good charity that was capable of raising money and they were doing this for a good cause to help poor children have an education. I learned that by looking at their numbers, they did good on raising money for children, but the only problem was that they were only able to be stable for less than a month which wasn’t great. After looking at their numbers for the first time, it seemed very complicated until I found out how to read them and it showed me that they were very important and it shows you how they are able to raise money, how much goes to the charity, etc. After looking at the numbers I was able to see that they were a good charity, but wouldn’t last for more than a month.

Blog #5

What I learn about my organization was that most of their workers are volunteers. There is only like 10 paid employees. However the quality wasn’t as outstanding because the person on the other side of the phone was so unprepared, and unorganized. The person on the phone had me waiting for more than 10 minutes just looking for the American Cancer Society mission statement. After the call I knew right away I wasn’t going to give our funs to the ACS. Yet it is important to look at that numbers to see if they know what to with the money that is donated. Yet I also saw they were a vey stabilized organization. Yet is all about Quality over Quantity. However having their year taxes online showed they aren’t hidden anything. Which made my search easier since ACS had all of the different tax forms. But then again quality over quantity.

Blog Post 5

A. I learned that my Non profit Organization helped out a lot of hungry children in San Diego including many kids through out in the San Diego Unified School District. I also learned that they were very impressed about the MSP project we are doing.

B. Looking at numbers of a company or organization is very important because you can see how much money or work they put in a certain area.When I looked at my organizations I noticed that if people don’t give them funds, then there’s a good chance that the could go extinct.

Blog Post #5

A: I learned a lot of different cool things when I researched my organization. I learned that they had the same mission, vision and purpose statement as my group and I. It is a pretty well structured and organized charity. They focus on making the lives of foster care children brighter and better.

B. You can learn a lot about a charity when you see their tax forms. You know when you review their tax forms where the money goes and how much they spend and how they use their money. You get to learn about all of their expenses.You get to calculate their program, management, and fundraising ratios along with a lot of other stuff.

Blog Post #5

While researching for my organization I learned that they provide development programs for disabled and non-disabled youth. My organization has trained over 25,000 youth providers in the best practices of inclusion. Also, over 15,000 children with disabilities have been co–enrolled with over 265,000 children without disabilities.

B) It is important to look at the numbers before making an investment to make sure their organization isn’t a scam and if they can survive a few years if they didn’t have money coming in.

Blog Post #5

Researching my organization, I learned they provide service for farm animals in abusive or deadly situations. I really liked my organization and what they stood for. I think it is important to look at the organization’s tax form before giving your money away because a tax form tells you if they spend the money they obtain wisely or not. While researching my charity, I learned that they are a lot more sustainable then I thought. This is good because it shows how much people really care about farm animals. I also learned, however, that my charity spends quite a lot on raising funds and the cost to raise a dollar was a bit much. Despite this, I still believe my charity is a great charity to donate to.

Blog Post #5

Researching my organization I found that they provide many helpful services to all and that their employees are pretty nice (at least the people I got in contact with).It is an important step to look at the organizations numbers before investing your money because first off it could tip you off towards their credibility as a non-profit. It is also important so you know that the money, time, or services that you are provided go to a good place.   While doing the research of my charity I learned a few interesting this such as that it takes the San Diego Humane Society 17 cents from a dollar to make a dollar which is not bad but not altogether good.  Something else I learned from my quantitative analysis is that 78% of their money goes towards their programs which is a number that could hopefully be improved.

Blog #5

I have learned a lot of new things about my organization. For example, I was told by the lady I spoke to over that phone, that they have over 35,000 volunteers. That made me realize not only is my organization willing to help animals that are in a life threatening situations, but there are also people that seem to care for those animals too.

It’s important to look at their numbers because shows what their strengths and weaknesses are as well as some areas that they need to improve in. What I have learned about my organization was that they were struggling in a couple of things such as their cost to as a $1, it was than from what I expected and also their Fundraising ratio which was a bit too high as well. Although what I learned was that their sustainability was up to 30 months, which I thought was not too bad. I believe that all organizations have a couple of things that can shock you but there can also be good things about it as well.