Interviewing My Mom

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This week I got a chance to interview my mom about money, how money should be use and her opinion on it. After the interview, I learned that my mom spend her money on things that she needs not wants. She told me her opinion on the needs and wants issue. She says” money should spend on what you needs, not what you wants. If you spend on what you needs, you probably needs it. But if you spend it on what you wants, then you probably won’t able to use it after you got it. I agreed with her, because many young person just buy things that thought was cool but,  later, realized it wasn’t cool anymore. Also I asked my mom about the matters of handled money in a family. She responded” money should be share equally in a family”. Base on a family, I believed that a kid shouldn’t deserved less money because she/he wasn’t smart as her/his other siblings.  In conclusion, my mom gave me some secrets to a joyful and fulfilling life  are be myself, be positive, be honest, love myself and believe in myself. 

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