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This week I interviewed my mom because I feel like you can’t ever know enough of someone even if you see them every day and they happen to be your mother.  I asked her questions related to handling money, her experiences as a young woman, and what she has done in charity and community service.

I learned new things about her like how involved she is in the community, like on her days off I didn’t know she helped out at food banks!  She also said that it is important that I, as a young person, help out as well so that others take the hint and also make some a difference for others and see how that makes a difference in us.
A piece of advice about money she gave me that I think is very true is that if you don’t know how to handle money financially and mentally, no matter how much of it you have it will never be enough.  This is also makes true to the saying, “Money doesn’t buy happiness.”  If money is your world then your world will never be complete.

Having something as your passion whether that be helping autistic children or being the head chef at a restaurant is the best way to complete your life and find the core to happiness. Because happiness is the answer to life.

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