April 19

We have begun contacting way more organizations and the response we have been getting is amazing! Even though I had been disappointed about a recent set back, finally contacting some people has been really motivating.   I began to realize that there are so many people working to achieve my goal and that  is really uplifting and I know that something great will come from this.

As I have learned there are two ways of evaluating an organization; qualitative and quantitative.  Personally I value the qualitative more because even though someone can have all the right numbers they probably don’t care too much about the cause they say they are all for helping.

But what I do know is that when someone is really passionate about a cause they will let you know not only with the words they speak but with feeling or vine they give.  This might sound weird but its like choosing the right cake for a wedding, when you know you know, it will never be a forced feeling.

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