Autism Awareness Month

So after many attempts at contacting our first organization, we finally heard back from The Help Group just to be told that their board members and volunteers were too busy to talk to us.  I can understand this because April is Autism Awareness month, but at the same time I am disappointed because we had thought that their board members should be willing to help anyone that wanted to help this wonderful cause.

This was a major set back so we now have to once again start from the beginning and look through more organizations working with our common goal.  We have been researching more organizations and have had much luck in finding more and even better ones.

This is a great lesson to learn not only about donating but also other things in life since once in a while we will have set backs but that itself won’t really matter.  What will matter is our attitude and response to a sitaution like this, it makes truth to the saying, “When one door closes another one opens.”  All I want to do is make sure there are enough doors to be avaible for entry for people who are treated different because they have something like autism and I want to find people who feel the same.

Hey Guys I just wanted to mention that April is Autism Awareness Month.

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