MSP Week 4

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I have come to the conclusion that evaluating non-profits for a potential investment is a very difficult task. And it makes it even worse when there are hardly and non-profits that are specific to your cause. I have been at it for a while but neither me nor my partners are having luck finding any potential investments in any non-profits we find. It may be that our cause is too specific, so maybe we need to expand our direction to just anything having to do with help in the arts and music category.

MSP Week 3

My cause/organization is going to be pretty difficult to find a charity for. There aren’t that many causes for art and music that I alone could find online. It is very important to look at numbers before making an investment I believe because without that information you may be making an investment that could end up hurting you financially. I am going to keep searching for a charity that would be specific to our cause, but I don’t know how it will turn out because many charities are started up for a cause that is affecting America as a whole.

MSP Week 2

The brown paper bag activity was  very interesting activity. The people in my group were surprised at what I had brought in my bag. In mine was an empty Monster energy drink can, a guitar pick, and my phone. Each of these items represented a major part of my life. Monster is just something that makes me happy. Some people say I might have an addiction, but I just can’t resist! The guitar pick was in place of my actual guitar that I obviously couldn’t fit in the bag. I play guitar every single day and it has the biggest impact on my life. Playing with my band is something I cant imagine my life without. And lastly, my phone is the thing I am most attatched to. But not for reasons you might think. I can’t go one day without listening to my music. I can’t, I would go crazy. But this paper bag activity has really got me thinking about myself though.

MSP Week 1

I have a feeling this project is going to be a challenging but enjoyable task over the next month. I am looking forward to seeing how our groups grow and what we can accomplish with actual charities. I am excited to learn how the business aspect of things work out in this specific field. I am expecting great things to come out of this Philanthropy project, and am sure whatever we learn we will use in the future regardless of what field we decide to go in to.