Adult Interview

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I interviewed my mother and asked her how her live back at home was and how much live has changed for her since then. I interviewed my mom because she means the world to me. I am grateful to have her as my mother. My mother said that she went from trying her hardest to help her family back home at Mexico, to having a nice, stable job in order to support my sister and I. I learned that she faced many struggles with school, family, and helping around her house. She says that compared to back at her home in Mexico, money is needed here in order to do anything, that you can’t go one day without spending money in some way. She has told me countless time to save my money, so I can be able to have a backup fund in case of an emergency, or just to save so I can do activities with friends and family.

What I Learned

So far what I have learned about my cause is that there are many other organizations about animal cruelty. I like the fact that there are many other organizations about this cause because animals are not always thought as important. Poor animals are always just thought as animals, they are never thought about as living, breathing creatures like us humans are. Animals also have emotions. They care about one another, especially their young. Animals need to be thought of more by everyone, not just pet owners.

Paper Bag of Beliefs

In class, we had to bring a paper bag with 3 items that matter much to us. I learned that my classmates had their phone in their bags. A lot of them had a phone because communication is important between friends and loved ones, especially for us teenagers. Others also had a picture of their family, showing how much they care for their family, and how strong their relationship is.

I’m “MAD”

On our first week of our Main Street Philanthropy, I chose 3 cards, MAD cards (Making A Difference cards), that show what cause I would like to contribute towards. The cause I am doing is helping towards animal cruelty, and to inform about the terrible actions being done to poor, helpless pets/animals. I learned that ever since I got my own kitten, I began to felt the love pet owners get toward their pet(s). And from then on, I understood that I have a soft spot towards animals. I have always known that animals have feelings, and I have always care, but since getting my kitten, I realized that animals do even more than I used too. I also learned that a friend of mine has a soft spot towards Pitt bulls because she had her own and had the exact same feelings.