Week 3

So week three came! It was awesome.  Ryan, our MSP, instructor came by and during the begging of the class and he called an organization for us, and the lady seemed recessive and she was willing to let us know about the tax and 990 information. She said she’d email my partner Cole and give him information about the 990 and tax information.  It was kind of sketchy how they split up the tax information into different section and how they don’t share the same tax file.  My partner never received the information about the tax, and i’m starting to think that Red Cross isn’t really reliable and trust worthy and I wouldn’t want to invest money into an organization that I don’t trust.  They say they want to help bring the community and nation together not just help with natural disaster relief, and they seem like a big organization and all but I have doubts about them now and they didn’t make a good impression on me or my team.  I’m not happy with what happened and I will continue to search for new and better organizations which will bear good fruit for the world.

Week 4

This week I was able to look at Red Cross’s 990 tax information. They’ve been my number one choice and they separate don’t split their chapters in their 990 tax info.We can’t really tell how effective each branch but i also see why they do it that way.  They bring together it so when a natural disaster hits, they would come together as one to help out.  The best part now is that I’m changing my mind about Red Cross, that 92% of their revenue goes to their program and the 8% percent would go to paying their people.

Week 2

So in class we had to bring in a brown paper bag and bring three items in it.  So I chose to bring a guitar pick, my “pick Jesus” guitar button pin and my headphones.

I play for a Christian band called “Love Redefined”.  I love playing the guitar and i like playing the electric guitar.  I play almost everyday and it’s very fun imo.

I have this pin in on my school bag everyday.  It’s a way for me to start conversations about Jesus, and it’s just showing who I am.  Not trying to show off or in that manner but I’m just trying to spread the word that Jesus Christ, is the way the truth and life.  John (14:6).

I listen to music each and everyday.  I listen to it at the gym, when I play games, and during school hours.  It helps me keep focus and it distracts me in a good way, say I’m at the gym.. it gets my mind of the struggle and I focus more on the music.

Those are the most important things that I brought that was in the brown paper bag.  Ironically, everyone else in my team also brought headphones.

Week 1

So this guy named Ryan was a guest speaker in my Business class, and he started talking about “philanthropy” and I had no idea what that was.  I found out that it was about giving back to our community, or it’s main definition ” the love of humanity”.  It was interesting because we had to pick 3 organizations that was the most important to us.  I picked disaster relief, care for the disabled, and hospitals.  I feel like it’s important to have someone there for you in the midst of trouble always willing to help you no matter what and I believe that it’s a blessing to always have a provider.


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