The Brown Bag Exercise

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This week we each brought in a bag with 3 items that were important or useful to each member of the group.

I brought in a Bronze cross representing my faith and morals, because I am a christian and it also represents my family because it was my now passed grandmother. unfortunately I wasn’t able to find a picture so this is the best I have.

My second item was actually my phone which I used to represent my connection with people and also because I use it every day.
My last and final one was chosen by every member of my group and it was ear buds. To me it represents my love for music and art.
I learned my friend Husam takes his school incredible importantly and that Thanh my other associate is a very strong christian.

Making our Vision and Mission statement was very difficult for me. However when we finally came to our conclusion it ended up aiming towards a specific criteria. We originally wanted to help those who couldn’t hel themselves so we aimed our vision statement around that. We seek to give immediate aid to those affected by natural disasters. Our Mission statement was a step by step process in how we would accomplish that goal.

A look at the numbers

This week I have been looking at their 990, tax return forms, and deciphering their information. So my first choice and the only one I have calculated for so far is American Red Cross. Something interesting about them is that they don’t have separate chapter 990’s but they roll all of it up into one which actually makes it difficult to tell how effective the individual branches are. It does make sense though because this way they only have to file one, and when there is a disaster naturally they whole of the organization will be brought together I am only part way through looking at their finances at the moment but I was very happy to find that 92% of their revenue goes to their program so only 8% is used to sustain and pay people!

Learning to do this is incredibly important to see just how much of your money is used for what you are trying to help and doing so can increase the impact in the community.

A Question of Purpose

We were given 20 or so M.A.D. cards standing for make a difference. Each one of these had a charity cause with a explanation or example on the back. I found the first ten I had to get rid of were easy, however just getting down to the top 6 became a challenge but me and my partner worked together a bit and though about it. So after clarifying our thoughts we came to the conclusion that charities are meant to help those who can’t help themselves. So the needy. so listed the one who had the most difficulty helping themselves.

I came down to natural disaster victims, health care, and those with mental disabilities.

I hope to gain a greater ability to empathize with those around me after looking into the charities, to learn which charities are the credible ones, how to find out, as well as learn to raise money for a cause and giving money to a cause.


Over the course of the next 8 weeks I will be Blogging over the theme of philanthropy in the world.

My Name is Cole McDaniel. I am a Junior at Clairemont High school and a part of an academy called AOBT which stands for the Academy of Business and Technology. In this 8 week program I will be answering questions presented to me and talking as a whole about the actions taken there-of.