MSP- Week 3

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The organizations that we have looked up so far are Promises 2 Kids, Voices for Children, and SAY San Diego.
Promises 2 Kids is mainly about finding the right home for foster children.


       SAY San Diego is about helping troubled kids and their families.
Voices for Children is about changing the lives of abused children.

MSP- Week 2

This was the second week of MSP and today we did a Brown Paper Bag Activity. We were to bring three items inside of the bag and share what they mean to us with our team. I brought in a bracelet, a picture, and an apple. The bracelet was the last thing my grandmother gave me. The picture was from my childhood and it was to represent that I enjoyed my childhood and that I would like to help other children have a great childhood as well. The apple represented health and that I am grateful to be healthy. This week I hope to find out what exactly organization do and how they help out. 

MSP- Week 1

For the first day of Main Street Philanthropy (MSP), we used the MAD (Make A Difference) Cards. I learned that I want to get more involved with children and that I want to get involved in how they grow up and see the world. I worked with a partner and I learned that she likes animals and that she would like to get involved with them. Using these cards helped us see what we are interested in more and what different types of organizations we might be interested in. From participating in the MSP program, I hope to learn how to choose the right organizations to donate to.