Interviewing My Mom

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This week I got a chance to interview my mom about money, how money should be use and her opinion on it. After the interview, I learned that my mom spend her money on things that she needs not wants. She told me her opinion on the needs and wants issue. She says” money should spend on what you needs, not what you wants. If you spend on what you needs, you probably needs it. But if you spend it on what you wants, then you probably won’t able to use it after you got it. I agreed with her, because many young person just buy things that thought was cool but,  later, realized it wasn’t cool anymore. Also I asked my mom about the matters of handled money in a family. She responded” money should be share equally in a family”. Base on a family, I believed that a kid shouldn’t deserved less money because she/he wasn’t smart as her/his other siblings.  In conclusion, my mom gave me some secrets to a joyful and fulfilling life  are be myself, be positive, be honest, love myself and believe in myself. 

Week 4

This week, my group and I were supposed to contact our organization, to speak to the board members and learn more about their organization before donating money. Also, to ask the board members to come to our class to give a speech.

Organization – Polinsky Children’s Center

Mission –  Create a brighter future for foster youth

Programs – The Rivers of Hope Birthday Club

Law Enforcement Training

Camp Connect San Diego

I personally find it hard to find whether because there isn’t much of information on the website. By reading their mission statement on facebook, I find it easier to evaluate an investment in a company. Also, I’m looking forward to volunteer.

What is Form 990?

This week has so far the hardest week, I learned about tax returns and it was lot of information for me to remember. What is form 990?  IRS Form 990 is an informational tax form that the most tax-exempt organizations must file annually. The form gives the IRS an overview of the organization’s activities, governance and detailed financial information.

  • To collects various information
  • makes it available to the public
Who/What has to file a 990?
  • Private foundations file Form 990-PF
  • Larger nonprofits Organizations that have gross receipts of more than $50,000 file Form 990 or 990-EZ
  • Small nonprofits with gross receipts of $50,000 or less file 990-N

When do we file the 990?
  • The 15th day of the 5th month after your accounting period ends

St. Vincent de Paul Village, Inc



Grant and other assistance to governance and organizations in U.S 
Name and address of organization or government
IRC Code
Amount of cash grant
Purpose of grant or assistance
City of SD-TB Controlpo Box
Homeless Services
Catholic Charities 349- San Diego
Homeless Services
Salvation Army – San Diego
Homeless Services
SD Youth & Community Services
Homeless Services
Veterans Village of San Diego
Homeless Services

Total Revenue —-> $21,526,658                  

Total Expenses  ——> $26,146,562

The Secret Behind the Brown Paper Bag

This is my second week into the journey. Today in class Mr. Ryan Ponsford assigned us our group and our topic. My group members are Karina, Jesus, and Karla. Our topic is Children and Youth Services and our group name is “Miracle workers “. As a group, we feel like many fostering children and homeless are afraid to speak up when they need something. Also, we got a chance to do some research about organizations that we are looking forward to help. In our group, we shared three values that show who we are. I learned Karina’s value is a bracelets that she got for her birthday. On her bracelets, there are charms hanging around and each of them represent her in a way. Jesus’ value are his headphones, he loves to listen to music. Karla’ value is her family picture, because her family is important to her. Three of my values are:

1. Blessing Bracelets

–  When I turned one month old, my parents gave me the bracelets to bless me with good fortune.

2. Rosary

– When I went to my friends sweet 16th party during the summer,  it was a great experience. She gave me the Rosary, she told me to keep it, because it will  bring me good luck and etc.


3. Picture of my grandpa

– The last time I saw my grandpa was on June of 2005 and he died on January 1, 2006.  My family and I were not present when he took his last breath, both of us were in a different continents.

The Beginning of My Main Street Philanthropy Journey

 My experience using the MAD (Make A Difference) cards was quite interesting because I learned more about myself and others. One thing I found out was that I was into helping the hungry, Children and Youth Services, and Medical and Hospital Care.  Also, I found out that my partner was into animals. I learned the word Philanthropy means love of humanity.


 1. Helping the Hungry

          I picked this because I don’t want any kids to be upset or die of hunger. I believe that families should have warm meals daily. I want to raise money for families so they could be able to have meals on the table everyday.

2. Children and Youth Services

         I picked this because I want to help raise money for the foster children and the homeless. I want them to have some gifts for Christmas, Thanksgiving and New Years.

  3.  Medical and Hospital Care

          I picked this because I know medical care is expensive and many parents can’t afford the medical bills, therefore I want to raise money to help them.

I hope to get  involve with the community more and hope I could make a different in someones life.