Pit Bulls Are not Monsters

Now that I am thinking about this fieldtrip we are taking as a class; which is to hand the check with the donation persoanly to the organizations; has me wondering that when we get a call back from the San Diego Humane Society I want to ask if its possible to show us some of the animals that were remved from an abussive situation, if they could possible share a Pit Bull and educate more about this beautiful breed.


Stephanie Hernandez

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From the work I have been doing in this program I think it is more difficult than I expected. It is not as easy to work in groups as I imagined, especially if some are not as motivated as you are, and you have to go an extra mile to get them to where you are at; which is sometimes stressing; luckely I had a team mate to support me. What Arelis and I overcame was a phone call to the San Deigo Humane Society which felt rewarding after many phone calls gone wrong. I can say the work that has to be done for this project is the least hard; what is hard is having the whole team working productively. I am learning that committment is very important.


Guys I found A Pit Bull Organization

Guys I am so glad I found a Pit Bull rescue organization in San Diego! I am planning
to go visit the organization during spring break so I can see if the place is as awesome as it sounds, in order to convince my team mates. This is something I want to accomplish, which is donating money to a pit bull organization. Although I don’t see my team mates wanting to support a pit bull organization as much as I do, so I must find a way to enroll them into considering it.
I also want a leader from the organization to come and give a presentation to my class about pit bulls to spread the knowledge about these beautiful dogs.
I am very determined about this main street philanthropy program ! 🙂

http://www.pbrsd.org/ <<——— Visit the website!!!!

Stephanie Hernandez

Main Street Philthorpy program

My experience using the MAD cards was pretty exciting because I found out that I was into taking care of the elderly. I learmed that there are stories behind why others chose their card.
What I hope to gain form participating in th4e Mmain Street Philanthropy program is to find out if there is  a pit bull rescue organziation.